OXP VPN APK is a virtual private network application that is strong in its ability to support unlimited access. The application is especially free to use without advertising and it ensures an absolute privacy policy.The highly-rated VPN service provides unlimited possibilities and is completely free to use

What is a VPN service?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the network technologies that create secure network connections when using public networks (such as the Internet or private networks from a certain service provider).

When to use a VPN service?

There are many cases where your current Internet connection does not allow you to access some websites due to being blocked by geo-restrictions. In some other cases, public Wi-Fi connections do not guarantee the safety of important tasks. Another case is when you want to surf anonymously so that no one can detect your presence on the Internet or find out what websites you have visited.

In the above situations, you may need a dedicated VPN service like OXP VPN.

OXP VPN is a Wi-Fi security tool with a super-fast gigabit connection. It is completely free to use without ads. Like other VPN apps, OXP VPN has some basic VPN features, and it excels in its ability to provide service unlimitedly.

OXP VPN is a free and unlimited VPN service

There are quite a few mobile VPN services out there. Each application has its strengths. With OXP VPN, the biggest strength probably lies in the fact that the service is free for everyone, allowing you to enjoy unlimited VPN. From there, you can have private Internet access with the best free VPN proxy server on mobile.

Your entire Internet access process is kept confidential and secured at a high level. And during your time on the Internet, VPN speeds are very high, allowing you to connect to the Internet quickly and unlimitedly with just a few basic taps.

The unlimitedness of OXP VPN is shown in the fact that when you use it, you don’t need to register, you don’t need to go through complicated processes, just with one or two steps, you can have a private VPN to use right away.

Through OXP VPN, you will be able to access any desired websites that you could not enter previously due to geo-restrictions. OXP VPN has a large number of servers that spread across all regions of the world. Wherever you are, you can quickly connect to these servers and start accessing blocked websites easily.

Linking to these servers also helps you to generate new IPs to make anonymous Internet access. So, no one can detect, track, or do any information hacking while you are using the Internet.

Strict privacy policy

Some VPN applications I’ve tried have stronger access capabilities but have been reported by users as having a phenomenon of backing up the visitor’s information. With OXP VPN, the developer confirmed directly that they committed to protecting user privacy and strictly following local laws on protecting online privacy.

They committed to not backing up or extracting user information with any form or method. The entire access process and the IP conversion process is also completely secure.

For users with high-security requirements such as corporate intranets, they will be very interested in this feature. In this regard, with the official privacy policy on the website that the developer has announced, you can rest assured even when using OXP VPN for organizations or companies.

In addition, OXP VPN also supports 24/7 customer service to ensure that all questions and difficulties when using the application are answered quickly and satisfactorily. This is one of several differences that are greatly appreciated in the comments of the app at Google Play.

Download OXP VPN MOD APK free for Android

When you need a VPN service and look for a strong application with unlimited access and a clear privacy policy, you can think of OXP VPN. This application satisfies all the above two criteria and is completely free to use on mobile. 

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