PDF Reader Pro  MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v6.8.0

PDF Reader Pro MOD APK is an application that helps you manipulate and edit any PDF file comfortably. The common practice of these operations and the ease of use of PDF Reader Pro will make you want to keep it on your device for a long time.

Basic operations on PDF files

PDF Reader Pro will first help you open and read PDF files no matter where they were created from. You can store, rename, and manage where to save PDF files. Or you can let the automatic management mode automatically collect all PDF files into a single place.

The app also has a feature to help you merge separate PDF files into a single PDF file and arrange them in the desired page order. This merging process takes place completely without missing any pages. This feature is very beneficial for me personally.

Because you often work with documents, after scanning and saving them in PDF format, if you leave them randomly, it’s easy to get lost. Collect them into one place then each time you find or use something, it will be faster.

PDF Reader Pro also helps you manage files on mobile. You can mark a star, rename, copy, move or delete the PDF file. You can also easily access PDF files from Dropbox and Google Drive

In addition to these basic operations, the app specifically provides a series of advanced features for working with PDF files.

Annotate on PDF files

In addition to reading files, PDF Reader Pro also helps you to intervene more deeply in PDF files with Notes and comments, highlights, underline, and strikethrough in documents. These underlined parts will be saved to help you quickly find notes by keyword. In addition, you can also bookmark PDF pages for convenient viewing next time.

Convert PDF files

With this fast conversion feature, you can convert the following file types:

  • JPG files to PDF files
  • PDF files to Excel, Word, PowerPoint files

Now you can quickly convert file formats right on your phone without having to rely on computer software.

The conversion from PDF files to other Office file formats will be an extremely useful tool for office workers when they need to refer to the original document file or copy important data, or simply just edit and continue the unfinished work.

Edit text and images

PDF Reader Pro can provide many powerful PDF editing features such as:

  • Edit PDF text and images directly
  • Merge and split PDF files, delete pages, change the page order, and insert blank pages
  • Add, remove, or rotate images
  • Draw on PDF directly

Fill in PDF files and scan documents of all kinds

Sometimes the PDF file you receive is a sample form. Interestingly, PDF Reader Pro also supports a unique feature to handle this kind of file. In the app, you can completely:

  • Fill out, save, and submit PDF forms
  • Sign in PDF forms directly from anywhere.

And if you still prefer to do the above manually, PDF Reader Pro also has the feature to support Scanning all documents and saving them to PDF format. With this feature, you don’t need to scan outside or use software to convert image files to PDF anymore. Very convenient for those of you who often work with documents, contracts, invoices…

MOD APK version of PDF Reader Pro

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

Download PDF Reader Pro MOD APK for Android

If you need to do a lot of operations or want to deeply intervene in PDF files, do not ignore this specialized application with many utilities. PDF Reader Pro will help you with many things!

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