Penny & Flo: Finding HomeMOD APK(Unlimited Coins/Stars/Lives) v1.73.0

Introduce about Penny & Flo: Finding HomeMOD APK

Let’s renovate and decorate the mansion with two talented, enthusiastic girls!

Although it is a typical match-3 puzzle game, you will never get bored because everything in this game does not follow any known motifs. You will be Penny or Flo, two girls with two different personalities. They are friends and reliable partners who work together to decorate and renovate the space. The big task this time is to renovate the mansion of a former Hollywood actress.

To complete this big theme, you will have to do hundreds of simple to complex tasks, such as greening the garden, decorating the path, renewing the reception area of ​​the mansion… And you will have to meet a lot of people involved in this huge building, the material supplier, the delivery man, the tough butler and of course, there will be a few encounters with your tough customer, the Hollywood actress. Each of these NPCs has its own uniqueness in its look, face, physique, and way of communication.

Each task will always appear with a notepad so you can easily track and count day by day. And of course, you will have to complete a corresponding match-3 theme to get the item you need. It could be a decorative cake, a nice sofa set, or sometimes just a set of small vineyard tools.

The interesting things are everywhere

A match-3 game with up to two main characters with equal roles and appearing time can be a novelty itself. Once you enter the game, you have no time to worry about who you are, because both of the girls have the same goal to do immediately: to make this mansion so gorgeous and luxurious. So, you need to end up getting the job done by solving match-3 puzzles that get harder and harder at each level.

The next good point is in the storyline. The plot is not complicated or fussy. The game draws a normal life, in which the characters constantly talk to each other about work, life, and the difficulties they are facing. The witty, light comedy and mature talk between Penny and Flo will make you comfortable and feel like you’re between the two and watching them go together. The supporting characters when appearing also brings a lot of interesting stories, bringing a spiritual attraction for the game.

The third factor that creates a special attraction for Penny & Flo: Finding Home is in the game scenes and missions. The scene constantly changes corresponding to many different spaces in the large mansion. Every time you complete a match-3 mission, you can get the necessary item and then witness the transformation of the space in front of you. An ordinary damp room suddenly turns into a poetic reading corner. The withered garden corner turns into a miniature royal garden. If you have a bit of art blood or love for design, painting, installation, this game is a paradise for you.

Graphics and sound

The super-detailed 3D graphics are a huge strength of Penny & Flo: Finding Home. You can see that every character here is created sharp, deep, and surprisingly detailed. The subtlety is shown through every facial expression, gesture, movement, gait, and even the way they communicate with each item. I believe not too many match-3 games achieve this high level of visuals.

The accompanying lighting effects are also very impressive, especially in the match-3 completions or the way the items appear one after another for you to choose. They are small but very delicate.

The role of sound must also be mentioned. There’s no voiceover for each character in the dialogue, but the overall sound and effects of the puzzles and the movements of everyone are well integrated. I just wish there were two main characters’ voices. I would be much better. But perhaps all the efforts of the production team have been put into the story and sophisticated visuals. So, simple sounds can be acceptable. Importantly, you can have fun, and always feel full of energy during the game.

MOD APK version of Penny & Flo: Finding Home

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Lives

Download Penny & Flo: Finding HomeMODAPK for Android

Now, go make a cup of tea, get some cookies, open Penny & Flo: Finding Home, decorate every corner of this to-be-glorious mansion, and enjoy your day! Download this game now!

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