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Besides Genius Studios in Japan, Tictales is also an outstanding publisher on Google Play with popular visual novel games. They use the European setting and characters, instead of the anime characters you would normally see in Genius Studios games. Thanks to that, you have more new experiences in romantic love stories. Furthermore Love Island 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) v1.0.10

Perfume of Love MOD APK is the newest and most popular game of Tictales. Currently, the game has nearly 1 million installs on Google Play, an extremely impressive number for a visual novel game.


No need to control characters, fight, race or do anything similar, visual novel games give you the feeling of reading a novel. Especially, you can directly interact and influence the content of the story. From there, the butterfly effect from your choices will change the end of the story.

In fact, you can only participate in the story by choosing a choice between the options that appear on the screen. When you first meet Enzo, for example, you accidentally bump into him. He is quite cold and impolite. You can apologize to him, or wait for an apology. Each of these options can change how Enzo looks you.

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Perfume of Love gives players not only one but dozens of stories spanning several hundred chapters. It is worth noting that these stories have a link in terms of content, around the characters of the famous perfume company ICARE. You are a normal girl, working in the company for the first time.

Meet the outstanding model of the company, Enzo. He is reckless, stubborn, and somewhat rude. Catherine is the owner of ICARE. Besides, you can meet his son, Romain or the mysterious guy in the company, Thomas.

ENZO: With Enzo, you go with him to Dubai to meet clients for a new project of the company. Your ingenuity and sophistication are crucial to this mission. You need a balance between work and flirting, a gentleman and a bad guy.

ROMAIN: After travelling to Dubai with Enzo and Adele, Romain met a fateful girl who was supposed to change his world. In this section, you will meet Jean Levasseur, a founder of ICARE.

THOMAS: During a horse race, the famous heroine of the French bourgeois, Morels, met a mysterious man named Thomas. He is the ideal type of man for any girl. Let’s discover his secrets.

NATHAN: The heroine is an Interpol detective. She is breaking a burglary aim to the Levasseur family, owners of ICARE.

ESTEBAN: You finish your law course on the East Coast. During a vacation with your family, in the sunshine of California, an unexpected adventure for you takes place.


Most of the time, what you see in a visual novel game consists of only the static images, story text, and lines of each character. Therefore, these elements are carefully and carefully taken care of by the developer, helping the player to have the best visual experience. You can also download Stickman Legends Offline Mod APK v2.5.7 (Max Level)

A novel needs good paper quality, and a visual novel game needs to do well in terms of visuals to make the player feel engaging. Overall, I think, Tictales has done quite well with this. The setting of the game is built in Paris, a city famous for its beauty and romance.

The scenery and colors of the game are extremely impressive. The characters are even more amazing with a beautiful and charming appearance. They seem to be drawn from the dream “lover” model of every one.

Customize your character

Unlike conventional visual novel games, Perfume of Love allows you to choose the character you want to role-play through the Personalization section. Use Love to unlock more characters you love.

Besides, in the Actor section, you can also change the appearance for the characters appearing in the story such as Romain, Enzo, Adele, Ali.

Download Perfume of Love MOD APK for Android

Perfume of Love is a novel about love that can captivate players’ hearts. The content and details in the plot are very engaging and engaging, it includes a lot of elements such as business, love, flirting, friends, romance, life, …

You can not predict what happens next, and how your choices will affect the end of the story.

Because the game has some sensitive content and images, Perfume of Love is labeled for 17+ players on Google Play. Moreover Tabou Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) v2.1.1

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