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Phone by Google is a useful application that helps you control incoming calls, outgoing calls and SMS on your Android device. It was developed by Google very early on – when Android smartphones became popular. And most, high-end smartphones or using Android 9.0+ are built-in, like a native application. Through the article below, you will know better about what Phone by Google brings.

Protect yourself from spam calls and messages

This is one of the main and most powerful features of Phone by Google. Although it is quite simple, it is the feature that users love the most. Why? Because it protects you from spam calls and messages. All phone numbers of unknown origin, advertising phone numbers or numbers that made too many calls in a day will be blocked. That is, they will be blocked and cannot contact you.

Looking at the other side, you will not waste time with these spam messages, and at the same time avoid phishing calls, a problem that is becoming increasingly common today. According to statistics, a lot of people are scammed by bad guys. They lost their property and information, which is terrible. But once they have Phone by Google installed, this worry is really gone.

Besides blocking spam through calls, Phone by Google also offers alerts about SMS. If you confirm with the app and mark some phone numbers as spam, it will immediately be blacklisted.

Know who is calling you

Phone by Google has most of the phone numbers of businesses. They will be assigned an ID along with a corresponding identifier. And thanks to this, you will know who the phone number with a strange number on the screen is.

The default dialer on the device does not support this feature. You may miss an important or useful call if you see a strange number. But with Phone by Google, you get more control. And of course, you can reject the call and block them from bothering you again.

Change brightness mode

Most dialers on Android devices come with a light mode by default. The developer probably doesn’t mind the feature change because he thinks it doesn’t really matter. However, for some people with weak eyes, or are near/long-sighted, the light on the screen is very sensitive, and sometimes makes them feel not really comfortable. For such cases, they should customize to a darker look for eye protection.

Phone by Google offers a customizable light and dark mode theme. You can set them up manually, or automatically adjust to a certain time frame. As a result, you will no longer feel dazzled when using your phone at night.

Unknown calls

Nowadays, there are many advertising and marketing phone numbers. They can get your phone number through a third party, and keep calling you. If you know, you can blacklist them. If you don’t know, you can leave a message through the call screen. Phone by Google supports this feature, even allowing you to create ready-made SMS forms for automatic replies. This way, you can verify your identity and what they want to convey. Also, leave a message that you are busy or will call them back later.

Google Map

Google Map is the most popular location search app in the world. However, if your device doesn’t have this app installed, you can still find the desired location through Phone by Google.

This feature is quite compact and works effectively. It is like a mini Google Map when it is synced with the original application. However, some navigation features have been removed.

Download Phone by Google MOD APK for Android

Phone by Google is a simple, yet powerful and useful communication app. It is installed as a native app on Android 9.0+ devices, but if your Android version is lower, you can install it via the link at the bottom of the article. Phone by Google will help you manage your communication more closely, as it filters your content and protects you from voice call scammers.

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