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In your opinion, what criteria to evaluate a quality image editing application? For me, I just need a simple, easy-to-use app with quality features. It’s also important about the quick speed, which is the standard of the future.

Among the image editing applications I’ve used, by far my favorite is the funny-sounding name PicTrick. It is very surprising because of its wide range of tuning features, variety of options, and its ability to adjust immediately. Please try to take a look at some of my subjective experiences.

“National” photo editing application

Speed is PicTrick’s top advantage. While your friends sometimes struggle with captions, buttons and joysticks to complete an effect for an image, you will never find ” complicated” or “annoying” in the PicTrick world.

In PicTrick there are hundreds of photo effects, stickers, frames, filters and tons of fun ideas that can be applied to your images. Any feature only needs up to three taps to complete. After using an effect or any filter, sticker on the image, they will stack up like many layers.

When you want to go back, just press Undo to “take off” the layer you don’t like to go. The point is that here you can do everything extremely quickly, the operation is easy to understand and neat, and it is accessible to anyone.

The orthopedic process is now no longer a torture, but has turned into a relaxing moment of entertainment, and the result is a sparkling picture.

Using PicTrick only needs to be summarized in the following steps: select the image to load into the application, select the effects and filters as you like. Click Save or Share again and you’re done.

Snap group photo

I have a bunch of friends that I always go with. Each of them likes to take pictures in a virtual life. Therefore, a must-have requirement when taking pictures or editing is fast, neat, beautiful and everyone can see the finished product immediately.

From the day PicTrick was discovered, there was no need to worry about this anymore.

Open PicTrick, take a photo right, then edit quickly, and you can upload to social networks immediately.

Especially the stickers, filters and effects in PicTrick are very eye-catching. There are many assorted styles from fun, exciting, cheerful to romantic… These make up for group photos are great. So far, many images have not had to use any duplicate effects.

Posing Ideas feature

Using PicTrick, you will be impressed as there are more than 1000 creative ideas for photos with various effects available, more than 200 free photo filters, hundreds of photo frames and stickers in the library.

But you will be so surprised to know that PicTrick also has a whole system of Posing Ideas to suggest to users who are not used to standing in front of the camera. Just open the app, choose the Ideas gallery.

Follow along, and you can have a beautiful photo with a pose like a professional model. After that, just keep going with interesting effects and filters in the app.

Especially when taking group photos, each person wants to create a style like some Idol groups to be cool but they’re clumsy and don’t know what to do. Whenever you are stuck with ideas, then just come here.

There are thousands of suggestions for you. Feel free to experiment and find the best face shot for you.

MOD APK version of PicTrick

MOD feature


Download PicTrick MOD APK for Android

That being said, everyone has their own preferences. Some of you like to meticulously sit for hours editing photos, others like to be quick and easy-to-use applications like me. Anyone who has the same personality as me, download PicTrick to try it right away.

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