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Introducing Podcast AddictMOD APK

Listen to Podcast, Radio, and Audiobook with Podcasts Addict!

There are many ways to access new information or learn knowledge from a certain field. One of the fastest ways is to Listen. To serve this, there have been many forms of appearance: the traditional has radio, the modern has Audiobook and Podcast. If you want to listen to all the content from these formats on mobile, you will need an app like Podcast Addict.

When using Podcast Addict, you can centralize and manage your Podcasts, Radios, Audiobooks, Live streams, YouTube, SoundCloud, and RSS News feeds from a single app. Podcast Addict is where a lot of Listening content is concentrated. Currently, this application has 4.5 million Podcasts, more than 120,000 Radio channels, and 20,000 audiobooks. This huge number ensures to meet all the information updates and learning requirements of all users. Following are the main features of Podcast Addict.

Podcast Addict has a reputation for being easy to find and use. You can quickly enter a keyword and find any podcast or radio station or audiobook you love. Or you can search by browsing the popular podcasts of each category. There are also many other ways to find information on Podcast Addict such as:

  • Browse the podcast network (NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks…)
  • From the list of podcasts recommended by the application (based on the factors set at the beginning when using the application)
  • Find podcasts similar to the one you’re listening to

Thanks to the wide search from all kinds of approaches, you can find any content from the ocean of information that Podcast Addict has.

Control features when listening to Podcast

When listening to podcasts, you can quickly control the way you want on the vivid intuitive interface. This set of controls includes basic play, forward, pause, and pause buttons. The console is always available for both online listening and downloaded files. In addition, Podcast Addict also supports advanced playback features such as Shuffle mode, Loop mode, and Sleep timer.

Besides listening to Podcasts, Podcast Addict is also a stand-alone player for listening to MP3, audiobooks, and audio files on your computer or online. With the Audiobook listening feature, Podcast Addict has the full support of chapters including links and images, Chromecast, and SONOS support for users.

Many automation features

Podcast Addict is also trusted by many people because of its high automation ability like Auto-update, Auto-download, Playlist, and self-delete as required by the previous setting. With this feature, you can preset a specific time on demand to ensure that there is a new update automatically downloaded to your device every time you wake up. Or you can also set the application to automatically delete a podcast after listening to it from the personal Playlist.

Podcasts Addict also can automatically back up to the cloud to ensure that your favorite podcasts are fully stored here.

Summary of the main features of Podcast Addict

  • Reorder podcast and radio subscriptions with tap, drag, and drop
  • Notifications and controls Android wear, Android Auto, Pebble…
  • Live radio search engine (on a total of 150,000 radio stations around the world)
  • Features bookmarks / Notes
  • There are many ways to search for content: by keyword, by category, by a list of suggestions or similar content to what you are listening to…
  • Intuitive customization
  • Full-screen reading mode
  • Advanced filtering by type/keyword/duration to show/hide episodes
  • Advanced sharing feature to share links on social networks
  • There is a statistics table Playback List for you to review your listening history.

MOD APK version of Podcast Addict

Premium Unlocked

Download Podcast Addict MOD APK for Android

In short, Podcast Addict is a compact app with vivid intuitive interface, easy to control. In particular, the strength of Podcast Addict lies in the ability to search flexibly through many different routes and an extremely rich content store. This is a worthwhile app for those who like to listen to podcasts, radio, and audiobooks.

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