PREQUEL MOD APK (Unlocked) v1.39.0

PREQUEL MOD APK is a photo editing application with super cool filters and effects. Your photo is now a deep work of art.The most powerful photo editing application specializing in Filters and Effects!

Is it difficult to make an idol-like photo?

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift or Adele? You often see your idols post simple but so fancy photos on Instagram and you want to try making yourself some photos like that. But some of the photo editing applications available on your phone look unnatural, some are not specialized in Filters, others are not good at taking selfies, or some have too few options. 

Are you looking for an application that can converge all the advantages, especially one that can help you edit photos quickly, deeply, and must have a very sharp Filter system?

It’s time to introduce you to PREQUEL.

About PREQUEL and what makes this app different

PREQUEL is essentially an image editing and photography application. But it is especially strong in respect of Effects and Filters. With Effects mode, you can change the photo in terms of structure, layers, and background scene.

With Filter mode, you can overlay a soft color on the photo. It’s like seeing everything around you through a layer of sunglasses. They both help you bring an attractive characteristic color to your photo.

It is very easy to use. You just need to upload your photo to PREQUEL and then choose the filters until you are satisfied with it. If you don’t have an available photo yet, you can take a photo on the app. Well, let’s take a look at the details to see what’s so good about PREQUEL that there’s so much speculation about it. I’ll start with the surrounding before moving on to the “main character”.

Take photos and videos with built-in filters

The built-in camera in PREQUEL can be said to be quite powerful compared to the applications I have used, especially the Selfie segment, which is a few steps higher than the phone camera. It will give you a beautiful photo in which your face is slimmer than that taken with the phone camera.

It is also true with the video recording which is also very clear with no time limit recorded. A good original photo or video will be a great foundation for a great post-edited image result by the app.

A set of professional photo editing tools, from basic to advanced

As a helpful photo editor, PREQUEL also has a wide range of specialized photo editing tools, from basic to advanced. Basic tools include cutting, pasting, scaling, changing brightness, shadows, contrast for images. More complicated tools include adjustments such as removing fonts, adding stickers, changing backgrounds, adding text to images, insert sound for images…

To be honest, even though there are many photo editing apps, a full set of custom tools from A-Z like on PREQUEL is a bit rare, guys. There are things I thought I would never use, but one day I need them more than ever. So, the experience gained is to use an app having as many tools as possible.

The unprecedented number of effects

You can edit photos with a bunch of unique cool effects such as Miami, Bling, Prism, Plastic… Each effect produces a slightly modified image compared to the original image. Just like that, you may see your image leveling up a notch. I have not mentioned the Filter yet. Let’s see the below!

Big collection of Filters with more than 100 different options, and you may even adjust the detailed indicators in each effect.

With a large number of filters (such as VHS, Disco, Retro, Glitch, Instant…), you can understand how good and rich your photos will become. These days, there is a trend to use Rainbow LED lights to create shadows and 7-color light effects when taking pictures, which attracts a lot of people. But now, with PREQUEL, I don’t need to bring any more lights home, because just by choosing and mixing the Filter system, I may get perfect photos that are even better than those taken with LED Rainbow.

Another feature I really like about PREQUEL is the ability to store and remember the Effects + Filters combinations you’ve previously made. After each image editing, you can name these combinations so that the next time you don’t have to remember how to combine editing features in detail. It will be extremely useful if you edit multiple photos at once and want everything to be really consistent from the style to the color of the image.

MOD APK version of PREQUEL

MOD feature


Download PREQUEL MOD APK for Android

One of the most powerful photo editing and photography applications in the Filters and Effects field like PREQUEL can turn any ordinary mid-level photo into a bit of luxury. In virtual life, having beautiful pictures is not enough yet unless those pictures are unique, strange, artistic, and luxurious. PREQUEL is exactly what you want. Download it via the link below.

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