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Introduce about Property Brothers HomeMOD APK Design

Design a dream house with two stars!

Renovating a humid, boring, narrow place into a creative space, to live and enjoy seems not just a few people’s dreams. Whether you have family or not, in which country, what job you are doing, your dream home with ideal design, decoration and interior is always the final destination for daily hard work. But is this difficult?

To design a house, you need to deliberately balance between three factors: Quality, Cost, Beauty. And before you really make your own home, do you think you need to go through some small tips to have a good start in the future? If you have thought about these things, I think you should play Property Brothers Home Design.

Gameplay is extremely relaxing and pleasant

Enter the game, you will meet two twins talented interior designer and real estate expert, Drew and Jonathan Scott. After greeting, they will “lead” you to meet your first customer, see the room they want to renovate and listen to their special requests. The game hasn’t really started yet, so far, it’s just a storytelling and you just click next next next.

Things only really get hotter, as you get more guidance from two designers about where to start. With each request of them, the screen will appear at the same time 2-3 options for you to click. Note that each option comes with a certain “price”. And every time you choose an item or an action (for example, choose to buy a sofa or choose a painting service), you know how much money you need. At this time, the game will appear a small match game, the level from low to high gradually or the difficulty level depends on the selected item. Solve these match-3 puzzles and you will earn money or get a furniture you want.

In general, this is one of the games that you just need a few touches, and everything will be solved. Children, teens, and adults can all play this game.

The depth of gameplay is what makes you want to play

On your design journey, the two brothers will in turn give great tips and tricks for the most reasonable, economical and scientific use of each item. For example, when you choose to repaint a room’s wall, they will add that the secret to mixing the wall color is to choose a background color that is not too bright and then choose a more intense color, making the house more accent.

So, it is clear that the ultimate goal, which is also the depth of this game, is not only to play minigames, or to assemble things in the right place so that it is beautiful, but also to discover “tricks” behind of the process of renovating space and decorating the house. This is also a difference of Property Brothers Home Design compared to simulation games of the same genre.

And like I said in the beginning, no matter what functional rooms you are renovating, what is the customer’s request, the triangle Quality | Costs | Beauty are always a criterion to keep in mind. All the tips, great experiences, or little advice from these two star brothers revolve around that triangle. If you notice a little bit, you will see everything in one point.

A strange connection with two main characters

But yet, mixed in some of their interesting stories, the twins also tell a few stories about their lives, their childhood, their passion and how success came to them. I’m sure, if you are passionate about design and interior, these inspiring stories will pump a lot of motivation to follow your dream.

As for a casual player, who doesn’t have much passion for the design industry, those are still cute short stories of characters they care about from a famous reality show. Vivid 3D images. The voiceover in the game is done by these two real characters, so there is a strange connection here, making it feel like the game is not just a game. 

And the 3D image part does not have a minus point

And talking about design, it is impossible not to mention the perfect 3D graphics of this game. Furniture, everything is modeled in detail to each hammer, every screw. But the important thing is that each item is beautifully crafted and animated in 3D. Especially there is a huge difference when comparing the Before – After photo after the redesign of the space. Overall, the 3D graphics of this game are really respectable.

MOD APK version of Property Brothers Home Design

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Anti-Ban

Download Property Brothers Home Design APK &MOD for Android

Property Brothers Home Design currently has hundreds of different levels with a multitude of diverse types of rooms and houses that you will experience to satisfy your passion and gain experience, which is not sure whether the school or the real work can bring you. Download this game via the links below!

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