Racing Limits  MOD APK(Unlimited Money) v1.4.7

Introduce about Racing Limits MOD APK

Racing Limits is similar to, a famous game of Soner Kara. This is a leading publisher in the category of infinite arcade type racing. A new way of playing high-speed racing games. Your task is to avoid cars going in the opposite direction and avoid accidents. The more you can drive far, the more points you will get. If you just listen you might think this game is very simple. But trust me, you’re wrong.

Infinite arcade racing

Racing Limits is a racing game with extremely new gameplay. Usually, racing games have a ranking style, that is, who will be the first is the winner of the race. But with this game, it doesn’t follow that kind of play because there are so many other games like that. Therefore, the publisher developed this game with an endless running game ie no destination. The points you receive are based on the length of the journey you take.

Controls are simple. Tilt the screen left or right to turn similar directions. Brake pedal and gas pedal on both sides of your screen. Thus, your phone is like a steering wheel, you can easily drive the car as you like.

Game modes

The successful of Racing Limits thanks to the variety of modes. If only racing and earning a lot of points, it will make the game extremely boring. Therefore, the publisher has released a lot of game modes so you can change the atmosphere and play with friends. You can also play offline with modes like Career Mode, Infinite Mode, Free Mode and Multiplayer Mode.

Each mode has its own interesting features depending on your preferences. Maps also support three modes Day, Night, Sunset. During the day, you can easily observe the vehicles going against you. But at night, you can only observe by your headlights. Your opponent travels at high speed, requiring you to react quickly to avoid collisions.

In particular, on the occasion of holidays, there are also attractive events with big gifts. Therefore, you will never feel bored when playing because it has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Some highlights

Real-Time Multiplayer: with this mode, you can compete with friends or other riders around the world. Racers will compete with each other to see who is driving at the highest speed carefully. That is, the players will not race and find who is the first, the second but find who is the careful driver and no accident. And of course, if the accident happens, you will be eliminated from the race.

Multiple Camera: This is a feature that helps you to play with 4 different angles such as from above to look down or from helicopters, from the back, from the hood and after the steering wheel. Each angle mode will give you a unique experience.

Unlock new cars

Not only that, but Racing Limits also has the ultimate car collection of expensive and luxurious cars. Its collection will amaze you by cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, … and the cars are also constantly updated through each version. The game also arranges all kinds of wheeled vehicles such as 4WD, FWD, RWD, … This is a very convenient feature for those who have a passion for cars to be easily found the car you want to try.

Beautiful graphics

Racing Limits is designed with beautiful 3D graphics. The game’s graphics focus on the smallest details to give you a new experience with high definition. Besides, the sound of the game is extremely lively.

MOD APK version of Racing Limits

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Racing Limits MOD APK for Android

Through the above advantages, did you want to download this game to your phone? Racing Limits is the most realistic racing game I’ve ever played. Traffic, weather, time are simulated similar to reality. Not only for entertainment purposes, I learned a lot of driving experience when I joined traffic.

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