Re: High School MODAPK (Free Premium Choices) v2.0.12

About Re: High School MOD APK

As usual, Re: High School is still available on Google Play for free. You can download and install the game for free. But in the game there are some paid features, you need to have a payment account with Google Play to buy that feature. But don’t worry, the free Re: High School MOD APK version allows you to use that premium feature.


With the high school graduation coming up, you are happily and excitedly preparing for the most important day of your student life. But when the holidays come, you are accused of stealing a schoolgirl’s underwear. You don’t even understand what’s going on. From there, people see you as a pervert and shun you. You have lost all your friends. You wish you could go back in time so you wouldn’t have to suffer this crazy sight.

And then you go back to the beginning of that school year. You come into contact with your childhood friend, a transfer student and a club senior. You have the task of helping those three girls solve their problems. And don’t forget to thoroughly investigate the theft of schoolgirls’ underwear. Because the culprit is still hanging around at that school.


Perhaps there is no need to introduce much about the gameplay of Re: High School, because all Genius games have the same gameplay. It’s Visual Novel-style simulation gameplay, that’s enjoying a visual novel. Your task is based on the available details, choose decisions to form a complete story. That’s all, write your own story in the game Re: High School.

Character system


She’s been your best friend since childhood. Only she trusts you and you still go on adventures with her. Perhaps she will work with you to find the real culprit, so that people will no longer discriminate against you.


This is a new transfer student with a rather odd personality. It seems that she has some problem with her family, so her personality is even more annoying. Because of that, Makiko feuded with some other people in the school. Would you like to help her with her homework problem?


Kanade is the head of the volunteer club, a club that many students love and participate in. And you’ve decided to join that club. You treat her like your elder, respect her very much. Moreover, Kanade is very kind and that’s why you want to join the club. She is a beautiful and kind girl, but she seems afraid of falling in love. Because in the past she had experienced a not-so-beautiful love affair. You need to help her overcome her past to find new love.

MOD APK version of Re: High School

MOD feature

Free Premium Choices: During the game play, you will have premium choices. Those will be the choices that always give the best possible outcome, helping you complete the game’s story with a beautiful ending. You have to pay for these options. But our Re: High School MOD APK version lets you use those options for free.

Download Re: High School MOD APK for Android

Since its launch, Re: High School has been loved by many players. This game is suitable for all players, regardless of male or female. A lot of female gamers seem to love such dating games. Right now, you can download Re: High School MOD APK game to experience!

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