Root Board Game MOD APK (Unlocked) v1.29.2

Download the APK file of Root Board Game MOD APK for free. Experience the ultimate board strategy game that used to be very popular on Console platforms and PC.

The story

Root Board Game builds a storyline based on the conflict between animals in the forest, in order to find the true king of the jungle.

Before, the forest was very peaceful. All creatures can live together and enjoy the resources that nature brings. However, Marquise de Cat – a cat marquis has gained greed, wants to dominate the forest and dominate all animals here.

One of them was arrested, and this rage all over the place. Several factions were formed, with the aim of regaining the forest and chasing Marquise de Cat out of the jungle.


Root Board Game is a strategy game, adapted from the version previously released for Console and PC. For the most part, the gameplay and its rules haven’t changed much. You need to lead your cat team to fight against the rules Marquise de Cat put in place.

Try to fight to survive in the forest, set up your tactics and allocate your forces properly.

The developer of Root Board Game has revealed that their game is tactical, for experienced players.

Players who lack knowledge, rely only on luck cannot win. Perhaps, you will soon believe this when the situation of the game constantly changes, requiring you to make a deliberate move to not be defeated.

Overall, Root Board Game is a tough strategy game but has a pretty easy approach. It is also adapted into an actual card game where everyone can sit down and play together.

As for the digital version we are talking about, it has a series of tutorials for beginners. Where you can also learn new things, about the capabilities of units and how to execute attacks.

The Root Board Game uses a turn-based combat method. During the battle, you must allocate soldiers to areas in the forest appropriately. Meanwhile, continuously build structures and recruit more forces to stop the enemy.

Some information about factions

There are many factions in the forest, and they weren’t on the same side. Therefore, conflicts will be continuously occurring in your revolution. Eyrie Dynastics were the first. They call themselves the guards of the forest, their ancestors have lived here since the beginning, so they deserve to be leaders.

They will constantly attack you, so building a line of defense to stop Eyrie Dynastics is the first thing you need to do.

Besides, The Woodland Alliance, who prevent you from exploiting resources and make your empire go down. Therefore, you need to defeat them, and replenish your forces and occupy their space on the map. Here is the best suggestion of the system I have received during my experience.

Vagabond is a problem if you have no control. They are scoundrels, capable of causing your empire to fall apart and take all the resources you have!


Root Board Game can experience both online and offline modes. In offline mode, players will compete with the game’s AI, along with customization in three levels: difficult, medium, and easy.

In online mode, players can connect with their friends or real players to fight together. This feature is inherited from its predecessor, and requires the player to have a stable internet connection.


Root Board Game is truly a digital masterpiece for a board game for Android. Almost every scene and object in the game is designed to look like it is drawn. This game is invested very carefully when the battles are shown in a very fierce way, even though it is just a strategy game.

The picture effect and rotation angle continuously change. Meanwhile, the background music tracks are also changed to create a sense of uniformity, smoothness.

MOD APK version of Root Board Game

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid Content

Download Root Board Game MOD APK for Android

Root Board Game has been released on Android operating system. This is really an event to look forward to this year, and most fans can experience the game on their mobile phones, instead of on PC, Console or buy a set of cards from the publisher.

It is even more desirable that the Root Board Game is completely free to download. We’ve provided a link to the game’s file at the bottom of this article. Follow us to receive the latest updates in the future.

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