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Introduce about Save The Girl MOD APK

Save The Girl belongs to the Casual category. It is a new game released by Lion Studios and soon received the attention of more than 5 million gamers in a short span of time. Although it is rated as attractive, it still has quite a lot of advertising, and you can turn off the internet for a better experience.


Save The Girl tells the story of a girl kidnapped by the Mafia. While in a coma, they took her to a place far away from home. When she wakes up, she is tied up in a small room, that’s when you start your first game.

Just like the name of the game, all over 100 missions in this release revolve around rescuing this poor girl from kidnappers. However, you do not have to hold a gun to fight them, but simply provide the necessary equipment for the girl.

Its gameplay is similar to  of Episode Interactive. Each time facing a challenge, the choice will appear on the screen for you to choose. If she chose the right useful items, the girl could continue moving to the next location. If false, she is in danger and lost her life. You must replay the level from the beginning.

Replaying is something no one wants to happen. However, you have the option of reviving on the spot by spending 200 gold coins or viewing an ads video. If the character to go further, you cannot keep careless so forever. Watching ads is not a good idea and reviving with gold is the same. They are quite hard to find because each level of victory only yields one-fourth of what you spend to correct mistakes. That’s why you should try our MOD version.

A lot of level

You will soon learn how interesting this game is when experiencing some games. In an attempt to overcome the thief’s lair, I tried to turn off his TV instead of getting into a box so I could get out. But I was caught. Right after that, I corrected my mistake, but after stepping outside, I selected an umbrella to go in the rain. The character was struck by lightning shortly after moving to the third step. The right answer is raincoats.

In another case, when my character crossed the sea and felt hungry, I provided her with a fishing rod. But maybe, the line was dropped too deeply, so I caught a sea monster. In the end, the character becomes a meal.

Save The Girl has many realistic situations, such as umbrella details. Its handle is made of iron and holding an iron rod in the rain, is it like holding a lightning rod? In addition, it also has many unrealistic situations, such as throwing a seed so that it can bloom a pea flower (Peashooter in Plant vs Zombie), then destroy the undead, instead of using use nails to block their movement.

Finally, it can be seen that Save The Girl is unpredictable, but it is entertaining for everyone. You cannot predict what will happen.


The graphics of Save The Girl are designed simply with a funny cartoon style. It does not have many unique and beautiful scenes like the action genre, but in return is the funny shape of the main character with the expressions that cannot stop us from laughing.

She would utter a feeling of fear in the face of something. Sometimes voices are discovered when danger is discovered. But all of them are not scary if you make the right choice!

MOD APK version of Save The Girl

MOD featue

Unlimited Money: The MOD money version will solve all your financial problems. You do not need to consider watching an advertising video or accepting to start over because you can freely choose to pay to continue at the level you just selected the wrong answer.

No Ads: All ads removed.

Should you use the MOD version?

Why not? Instead of watching ads that last up to 30 seconds to replay, now you just need to pay for it.

Download Save The Girl MOD APK for Android

 were warmly received by the player. Save The Girl can also achieve similar success because Lion Studios really knows what players want when playing a game on mobile.

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