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Adventure in a beautiful world with the witch Momo

Why are countless super light match-3 games still exist?

Because they are simple. The biggest reason is just that. People always spend a lot of time pursuing complicated things, but there is a truth that only when you are mature enough to realize, “we should live a complicated life in the simplest way”. And yes, playing a simple game is more relaxed than playing a complicated one, agree? That’s why light match 3 games are still popular. 

Honestly, too many hardcore things in games make me tired, but completely easy things at all are boring. For the best, each thing should be a little bit, the game will be so much more fun.

So, besides playing shooting games and hacking the brain constantly with mysterious adventure games, sometimes I still go to Google Play to find a match-3 game to play. They relieve my mood so much. And after playing this game, I found it so exciting. Now I wanna recommend it to you.


Secret House is like a little story. You will go on an adventure with a little witch named Momo. Momo has many things to discover and understand about life. She makes friends with anyone she meets, including cute animals like a special snake, a lovely neighbor, or a handsome classmate… The most important event happens when Momo, for an unusual reason, is granted the possession of a magnificent mansion. This place needs a magical power to repair and redecorate to be as beautiful as the early days. And the only person who can do that is Momo. The story does not stop. Momo accidentally discovers that the mansion is the place where her friends are held by an unknown force. Not only will you renew the entire mansion, but you, as Momo, also have to save your friends and get them out of here.

The mission is too clear, right? It is divided into three parts: Decorate the interior and exterior of the mansion; save friends; and collect magic marbles to uncover all the secrets here.


Playing this game is quite easy. This type of story-based puzzle game is known as a game that is very attractive and specialized for killing weekend time. You will start with a story, an interesting situation, and then make a few choices. Then you will be thrown into a series of episodes that force you to get something before you can move on. And to get those things, you must overcome those Match-3 puzzles which are increasingly difficult. The loot obtained will help you perform the task quickly to move to the next level.

Quests in the game have countless numbers. Just talk to another character, you will receive a hint or a quest. From a conversation with a stranger to a random talk with a person at the mansion, or a memory with a friend… There is always work to do all the time.

Playing Match-3 here is still in the traditional way. Touch a stone of a certain color to make it fall and form a series of the same color. Chain impact is part of this light entertainment. If you successfully solve the Match-3, you will get what you need and use it to solve the quest.

Mansion decoration

Someone plays this game because they want to follow the adventures of the little witch Momo or want to see some of her love affairs with the lovely guys around. Or to witness the fascinating world of witches with powerful characters. As for me, very realistically, I play it because I like the interesting mansion decorations here.

If you have a little artist’s blood and a passion for house decoration, you can immediately recognize that the renovation process for the mansion can be said to be the soul of the game. You may have to do many things and have fun with them, but for me, in the end, what brings the most excitement can only be the decoration time of this mansion.

Use magic to clear the outside grounds, plant lawns, add some flowers, add fountains, monuments, and thousands of glittering golden lights. As for the inside, redistribute the rooms by function, change the carpet, redecorate the wall color, add new furniture, decorate the room according to the color tone… Whatever you want, you can do it, after completing the series of classic match-3 levels the game offers.

The feeling of comparing the mansion’s appearances before and after is so happy. When you first walk into the new mansion in your style after you have edited everything. You will feel it is worth your effort. I felt that way when I watched the “royal garden” outside the mansion gradually changing under my hands. Full of pride and happiness. It’s a feeling of freedom that not many games can give you.

Graphics and sound

The visual in Secret House is true to the Walt Disney cartoon style. Very casual, colorful, lively, and lovely. Although it is only 2D scenes and characters, the bright, energetic colors and constantly changing scenery make the game always interesting.

The music is also very good. The background music doesn’t stay still but changes constantly. Depending on the mood and situation, the game offers reasonable background music. Thanks to that, the playing experience is also always best.

If you don’t like to play alone, you can invite your Facebook friends to play with you, which is also quite good. Adventure is like having a party. The more people you have, the more fun you get.

MOD APK version of Secret House

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Unlimited Money

Let’s download Secret House MODAPK now!

In short, playing a match-3 game like Secret House does not need to think too much. Just relax your body and mind, enjoy the story, and refresh your mood with colored stone puzzles, that’s all. There’s nothing better than this feeling on a leisurely day.

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