Signal  MOD APK v5.37.4

Signal APK is a popular online messaging and calling application on mobile phones. With the diverse, concise, convenient features and strong privacy protection technology, you can consider installing it on your device for long-term use.

Demand for texting and calling online on mobile

Smartphones are not just an expensive traditional texting and calling tool anymore. Now you can text and call quickly online and for free, with the support of specialized applications. 

These applications not only help users make calls as convenient as any other offline calls, but they also help you text, create group chats, set many details in your messages, send icons, stickers, and even unlimited files or images. These are the things that traditional messaging is very limited to.

One of the most trusted applications today is Signal.

Provide high security and always in Open mode, applicable to all internal and external communication on Signal

When you conduct any exchange in the online environment, security is the first and essential requirement.

Leaving aside all unnecessary things, among many applications with the same function, Signal emerges as a tool to support sending and receiving high-fidelity messages. Users can participate in any HD call/video call with a wide range of connectivity features based on the most advanced privacy protection technology. Currently, there are millions of Signal users to communicate for free online anytime, anywhere.

Signal’s outstanding high-security releases users from any worry about hacking or illegal intrusion into your chats and information exchange. Using Signal, you can simply focus on conversations and no longer be afraid to share important moments with your beloved ones.

The state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption technology used in Signal is powered by the open-source Signal Protocol ™, which will always help keep chats safe. Privacy here is not an on-off option, it is a must-have requirement and is always present whenever you open Signal to use it.

This high security is applied unlimitedly to every message, every call, and every time it happens. It can be said that modern security technology is the first special point of this online calling and messaging application.

Speed ​​and Comfort

The speed of performing tasks on Signal is also impressively fast. Messages are sent quickly and reliably. The calls are smooth and seamless. This is true even if your local internet speed seems limited. Signal does this thanks to Optimization technology, which ensures everything works as smoothly as possible even in confined environments.

Being so fast, Signal is also a non-profit organization, so all functions are completely independent. The development and growth of the application are supported by the users themselves. So, there are no ads, no trackers, creating the best comfort for each app user. You will feel this friendliness and familiarity from the first use.

Signal’s interface is also designed with a modern, minimalist style and minimizes all sophisticated details. So, anyone can use and get used to it easily. During use, the operations become easier with the function buttons displayed right on each function screen, just touch it. It is this modern design that has, in part, made Signal even more friendly for users of all ages and habits.

High-quality HD video call

You live right next to each other, or across the city or across the ocean, your normal calls still go well, seamlessly, and without delay, with no audio annoying. In particular, with video call mode, HD images are completely clear and high quality, helping you to connect securely and smoothly from all over the world.

In the process of calling and texting, you can completely use your real phone number and existing address to contact your friends. Or you can hide if you find it risky.

You can also customize different sound patterns when using Signal. Like choosing a custom alert for each contact or completely turning off the notification sound from the app.

What can be included in Signal messages?

You can attach anything you like: emotional stickers, images, information files, a short clip. You can edit the image before sending it with simple photo editing tools (such as crop, flip, resize, etc.). Messages in Signal itself can be up to 1000 words, which is free for you to express any of your ideas.

The considerable flexibility and freedom in Signal’s Messages function let you free to text and call, better than some other online mobile messaging apps.

Download Signal MOD APK for Android

Signal is certainly not the only online messaging and calling application on mobile. There are many other options out there. But if you care about the security, speed, and comfort of these activities, then Signal can be a good suggestion. 

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