SINoALICE was developed by Pokelabo. This is also the father of the game Symphogear XD UNLIMITED, a game about the heroine who protects the earth. Pokelabo is a developer of

Android games, which started operating in 2017. So far, they have only released 5 titles on the market but only 2 of them are most widely known, which are SINoALICE and Symphogear XD UNLIMITED.

The Japanese version of SINoALICE was released on May 6, 2017. It wasn’t until July 1, 2020, that NEXON and Pokelabo cooperated to release the English version (Global).


SINoALICE is an RPG with Turn-Based gameplay and only has PVE system like . However, this game also has a Co-op function along with other players to join the dungeon.

Joining SINoALICE, you enter the Dark Fantasy World. The interface is the library, where all the stories from the world are gathered. Here, you will find girls fighting to complete their stories.

And you can play any character you like as long as you already own that character in the collection.

Although it is a turn-based game, you can also interact in the character’s attack, you can choose an auto-attack or special skills. Each weapon you equip is a skill, with up to 6 weapons. In addition, you can also summon support pets to increase the combat power of the character.


Các cô gái được chia ra thành 8 lớp nhân vật. Và mỗi nhân vật sẽ có vũ khí đặc thù riêng. Nhưng tựa game này chỉ chia ra thành 2 loại chính đó là Attack Type và Support Type. Về Support Type, nó lại chia ra thành Recovery, Support Buff và Debuff Types.

When participating in the character’s storyline, accompanying you will be 4 other players controlled by AI. You can make friends with characters and invite them to participate in other activities.


At the start of the game, you feel free to Reroll without limits. Try to Roll out either the Staff of Bondage or the Blade of Depravity weapon. In addition, there is an S-class weapon, the Tome of Dependence.

When you open one of these weapons, you will receive a free character.

A character can equip many weapons. There are 2 main classes, Attack Type and Support Type, as long as the character is an attack-type, you can equip any weapon of the attack type, even if it is not the character’s specialized weapon.

The same goes for support type. Each weapon is a skill. When you use, it will drain Skill Points in battle.

In addition to weapons, your character can also equip Armor and Nightmare. In the Armor, you equip sets to activate their effects. And the Nightmare part will equip summoned beasts to summon in battle, it can help you increase your stats or deal damage to enemies.

Each summoned beast will have its own ability, of course, when summoned will also consume Skill Points.


The event activities will help you receive many attractive gifts. When there is an active event, focus on it instead of completing the storyline because it contains many limited items or rare items.

Although it is a PVE fighting game, already an online game, you should also use the interactive features with other players. Co-op Battle mode will help you and other players to hunt monsters and collect many precious items.


SINoALICE owns extremely beautiful graphics. From the character created to the animations are very sophisticatedly designed with a Fantasy style.

Not to mention the characters also voiced by famous Seiyuu, promising the game will bring you endless moments of relaxation with heating combat.


Like many RPG games have a card system, Reroll is essential for you to have a better start than other players. After completing the tutorial you will receive many gifts and money, use that money to Roll weapons.

If you get some weapons that the characters use, you can also unlock the character for free.

In addition, you should search for Tier List, it gives you some important information such as how to develop characters, which characters are strong in the first stage, …

That’s how people usually make it possible to grow faster, but if you just want to own the character you love, then Reroll is what will help you get it.

Download SINoALICE MOD APK for Android

SINoALICE is indeed a great turn-based game in terms of gameplay, characters, effects, visuals and sound.

With the talent of director Yoko Taro, talented composer Okabe Keiichi and other members of Pokelabo company have created a very attractive role-playing game for players who love Anime.

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