Slash & Girl MOD APK (Unlocked) v1.93.5052

Slash & Girl MOD APK is an endless run game revolving around a frantic chase between the crazy girl Doris and the Joker who wants to invade Earth.

The game is excitedly overflowing with energyChasing Jokers with the crazy girl Doris!


The world is now dark and desperate because of the Joker’s ambition to conquer everything. At this moment, a savior suddenly appeared, she was a madwoman named Doris.

This brave girl would be the only one capable of chasing, fighting, and stopping the evil mind of the Joker. Slash & Girl MOD APK is an endless chase between Doris and Joker.


Unlike the endless-run games you know, the main character Doris in here is not passive (the type of being chased and just running around all day). On the contrary, our girl is very in control of the situation. Doris is the one who chases the Joker on every street.

To find her enemy, Doris is ready to go through a series of thrilling battles and knock down all the obstacles in her way to move forward. So, what you can experience and admire in Slash & Girl is not only the endless running but also the fiery battles that also last forever.

Everything happens in the game at lightning speed. The challenge for players is not only to run and run but also to master speed and quick eyes.

Controlling the character is quite simple: swipe left and right to move direction, swipe up to jump high, swipe down to roll. In general, it is quite similar to other endless-run games.

But after playing it, you will find that it is not easy to completely control the character, Doris. You have to combine all the operations together with a reasonable 

frequency because, on the chase, Doris has to constantly wriggle to overcome obstacles while having to kick the little creatures that may appear at any time.

The more skillfully combined the operations with the quick eyes at a reasonable speed, the higher the probability of winning.

When the Run + Fist combo is fun

As the girl Doris, you will discover a completely new concept of “running” that has never been seen in those endless-run games. Doris not only simply runs on the ground, but she can also run through the air with just one button to switch.

With this advantage, Doris can easily run along vertical walls and rush into the air to kick the Jokers, then land on the ground, and then kick the henchmen lining up crazily around. Finishing the run, she brushes her hands and smiles a charming smile.

Slash & Girl always has hot situations like that. And as the level increases, the speed, the difficult situations, the Jokers, and the type of obstacles will increasingly spin you like a pinwheel. At this time, many new weapons and equipment will appear to add strength to Doris.

Each time you pass the level, you will collect coins. Coins can be used to buy new weapons such as traffic signs, lightsabers, chainsaws, scythes… or new equipment such as pants, hats, shirts, boots, and gloves… Up to 50 Different weapons and hundreds of outfits, each with its own charm, are waiting for you ahead.

You are forced to equip yourself. Otherwise, when the stronger boss appears, you will not be able to defeat him. The weapon is stronger according to time and victory, which is a measure of the player’s fighting ability, and preparation for the firestorm wars of Doris.

But don’t forget to watch Doris’ health bar, and in each run, you only have 3 lives only.

Slash & Girl also surprised me from the first test with the ability to customize the running speed for Doris. Depending on the ability, the situation, and the mastery of the character’s speed, you will choose the speed for Doris before entering each stage.

This selection feature has made it easy for players of any level to get into the game and slowly upgrade their skills over time.

Graphics and sound

In contrast to the fast tempo and series of explosive battles throughout the game, Slash & Girl has a lot of classical melodious sounds. This contrast always brings a feeling of surprise and excitement to the player.

It is also what makes you mentally calm when the character’s running and fighting speed is too fast.

The appearance of Doris in Slash & Girl is also something worth concerning. Our crazy girl is not only good at running, fighting like a heroine, but also very attentive to her appearance. You will have the opportunity to choose for Doris so many trendy outfits.

Many clothes, accompanied by equipment and weapons, create excellent mix match combos which are mischievous but still full of power and will. The process of changing the appearance and embellishing .

Doris is also great excitement when playing this game. And of course, every shape is too cool. A big plus for the developer!

Encounters, chases, and clashes between Doris and the Joker’s hordes of minions or the Joker himself take place on epic, city-lit streets. The fire and explosion effects of the fight scenes are also very intense.

Being overwhelmed from sight to feeling is something that you must recognize when starting the first stages of Slash & Girl.

Download Slash & Girl MOD APK for Android

The chase – endless combat game has so many exciting backgrounds, beautiful characters with eye-catching costumes. There’s no reason not to give Slash & Girl a try. Everyone must download the game to play immediately here.

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