Slime Hunter : Wild Impact MOD APK v6.1.3

Slime Hunter : Wild Impact MOD APK is a pixel adventure inspired by the familiar but strange dungeon crossings. For who likes to play fighting games that are light but no less tight, I think this is suitable.

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Game of opposites

First of all, Slime Hunter : Wild Impact brings an interesting retro feel. A game that appears in this modern era set in dungeon adventures. The character is clearly a lovely dwarf mushroom, but made with classic 2D pixel graphics, a comfortable viewing angle and rare ventilation. The cool feeling that comes from this contrast will be the first step to make you curious and enter the game immediately.

Not only the familiar graphics, but the adventure role-playing game play here is also familiar. You will assume as one of three dwarf mushroom heroes who embark on a journey to save the emirates invaded by the dark forces of darkness.

In the first match, you had to immediately deal with a huge boss, signaling a future full of monsters and a series of landslide battles.

The most advanced skills and techniques

Playing this game is the best way to watch the moves and skill effects of each character. Although possessing a “smol” body, the ability to move of the warriors in the game must be said to be extremely terrific.

To further support the terrible set of moves, graphic techniques, lighting effects, and hot colors are constantly being fully utilized. Every time you launch a move, the world becomes “shining, shimmering, splendid”. The evidence is that a series of surrounding structures are broken, furniture is thrown into the sky. That scene made the warrior’s stormy attacks even more epic.

It’s clear that bringing a ton of heavy advanced ammo technology into a retro-infused game like this will make you faint from side to side because of interesting surprises one after another. The experience Slime Hunter : Wild Impact brings is truly unforgettable!

The tempo in the game is not too fast, but in return, the chopping and slashing screens are very eye-catching. As I just mentioned above, the space is filled with fire, the colors of the weapons, and the moves of the enemy. That scene can satisfy any hardcore gamer.


With that series of intense moves, Slime Hunter : Wild Impact is always the prioritized game for players. To do this, the game does not forget to provide players with a rich arsenal of weapons from guns, bows and arrows, grenades, to fighter bullets, ring spark guns… Everything will make you admire.

Three distinctive character classes you choose from the beginning, each class will have its own four passive skills and one active skill. For each character, you will have a range of suitable weapons, ensuring to exploit the full potential of the hero.

Each level in Slime Hunter : Wild Impact is designed in the form of a dungeon. Your goal is to move to the space portal to enter a new emirate or another land.

The main ability of the character is to run, jump, and fight flexibly. These things can happen at the same time. This is another novelty in this classic role-playing game.

Besides, finding intermediate portals can make you always in the mood to face new spaces, new landscapes and constantly changing monsters. That thought makes the player always expect something unexpected, and then constantly be satisfied and expect.

Moreover, the dwarf mushroom warrior character in the game, in addition to fighting and jumping continuously, can also raid, guys. You can also download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) v4.2.1

In Boss battles, this skill is especially useful. When entering the main base of the monsters where the Boss is present, many times, your task is to raid and destroy the Boss. So, in here, you can do some more extraordinary things than you normally do in the previous leisure rounds.

Download Slime Hunter : Wild Impact MOD APK for Android

The retro game is quite brilliant when it comes to arranging characters with lovely modern appearance but too advanced and formidable skills.

Such a move present in a very classic 2D pixel game is obviously a multi-purpose arrangement. It is also clear that it has a curious effect and entices players a lot. Moreover Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) v4.1.6

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