Solid Explorer MOD APK(Paid Unlocked) v2.8.20

Solid Explorer MOD APK is a mobile file management application that helps you organize things on your phone more neatly, scientifically, and safely.

Scientific and precise management of files on mobile 

Your phone is full of things, lots of files, lots of apps, and lots of pictures. Everything is scattered everywhere on your phone, and sometimes you yourself cannot find a certain file.

It’s time you need an application to help manage folders and files on your smartphone to help organize everything neatly, scientifically, and securely with better backups. If you are looking for such an application, you can try Solid Explorer.

What is Solid Explorer?

This is a file management application on mobile that helps protect information on the device better via modern encryption technology. With this app, you can also back up the applications and data files on the cloud or NAS storage so that you can bring them back to the device at any time.

How does Solid Explorer organize information files?

First, the application will allow users to access files stored for mobile. Next, it will automatically sort them into collections based on file creation time, main content, file type, etc.

After grouping them, you can view, delete, move, rename, backup, or share any files on your device.

With this standard arrangement, Solid Explorer also helps you find and filter files faster to review. Yes, we all know that finding those files clearly marked by category is faster and more accurate than ever.

The app also supports network protocols so that cloud storage providers can allow users to view multiple file locations remotely. Then through this remote control, it is easy to switch back and forth between different positions. Quite convenient!

Security for files, even in transit

With modern AES encryption technology built into Solid Explorer, you can keep your files safe, top secret. For important files related to work or personal use, you can choose this Security feature to put them in a safe library, where other applications cannot read the content.

Every time someone, by some tricks, tries to access your AES encryption, this application will display the message ‘Requires confirmation of password or fingerprint you have set up before’. Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, the files are still on the same device but still protected as if Solid Explorer was on it.

Well, the security of apps of this kind is not uncommon, but it is the first time I’ve seen an app that protects users even when uninstalled.

Solid Explorer for memory analysis

Of course, as a mobile file management application, memory analysis is not Solid Explorer’s strong point, but there are still a few remarkable and similar small features. For example, you can find out which file is taking up a lot of space and move it to another storage folder to ensure the smooth operation of the device.

You can also find information about the % of space being used for each folder. The app warns of waste in folders with large occupancy. From there, you can have a plan to adjust to being more suitable.

Summary of detailed features in Solid Explorer:

  • File management – main memory, SD card, USB OTG
  • Easily connect and manage files on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Owncloud, SugarSync, MediaFire, Yandex, Mega
  • NAS – supports major network protocols SFTP, SMB (Samba), WebDav
  • Encrypt private files, important information – password and fingerprint protection
  • Be compatible with, archive, and support many different file formats: ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR
  • Root explorer – browses system files if your device is rooted
  • Memory analyzer – manages files/apps that take up too much space on your device
  • Organize and manage files by many criteria: Recent downloads, view photos by the time in a year, watch videos of the same subject, find music by the same artist, find necessary documents and applications for work.

MOD APK version of Solid Explorer

MOD feature

Paid Features Unlocked

Download Solid Explorer MOD APK for Android

Solid Explorer is indeed an all-in-one file management app for mobile devices. It helps keep your devices well organized and secured, easy to find, and easier to categorize files. 

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