MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v0.8.4

State io MOD APK is an abstract real-time strategy, a tactical clash of dots, an exciting countries takeover.

Each of your actions will have consequences – be a true strategist in attacks and defense in this exciting game!

Background shows you a single map and tells you to figure out how to capture neighboring territories with your troops and other powers.

By properly assessing the situation, correlation of forces, position, and advantages of your country, you will have appropriate options to see who to fight first. The more land and territory you capture, the stronger you are.

Gameplay will give you a map of many areas marked in different colors. These colors represent the boundaries of each country. Comes with the number of troops and other detailed information also displayed on the screen.

You will have the task of governing one of the countries present on that map and will use your own power to invade other lands.

Note that when you are doing this, so are the surrounding countries, they are constantly campaigning and constantly fighting for each other’s territory.

Movements, changes in territory, and every move of each country will be concisely shown through dots and arrows moving everywhere with the same color as that country.

In the early stages, you will be a small country with a modest army. Things seem pretty tough, and you can only, at best, take over tiny countries with similar forces. Gaining a little more land means more power and soldiers.

You will accumulate small cities and be always ready to defend your territory to fight invaders. It is advisable to have a specific invasive plan and not to forget the contingency measures for the worst-case scenario.

The rule of land acquisition is: the side with the stronger army will win and take all the land of the defeated on their side. When you win, the new land will automatically change to the color of your country. You can choose to fight other countries or use your own strategy.

When a certain big country is fighting for the fertile land, you can jump in and fight together, taking a small chunk of it. This way is also fine but quite risky because the other country can detect and turn out to fight you.

Strategy in

This game is highly strategic, higher than you think when looking at its minimalistic graphics.

First of all, you need to assess the situation that is going on, what are your advantages and disadvantages, who is watching you, how are your forces relative to other countries… A comprehensive assessment is the first thing you must do at the beginning of the game.

Because the situation in the game is constantly changing with the reason that every player wants to expand the territory.

Once the situation is clear, you will begin to manage your available resources to both defend your territory, fortify your borders and at the same time begin to move on to the next step in the strategic process. The available resources are the army of soldiers, money, the number of combat units, the strength of the troops…

You need to understand the reality of these numbers, recognize what elements need to be upgraded or maintain. From there, persevere and determine the types of resources that need to be noticed more for your country.

You will get these extra resources when you capture new territory or find ways to get more money to buy precious items: increase the resilience of soldiers, increase the number and strength of soldiers…

The third step in strategy when playing is large-scale maneuvering in preparation for war. Along with defending the territory, your main goal is to expand and take over new lands to bring more resources and power.

To occupy the left area, how many troops do you need? How much do you need to capture the right, or split in half to fight both sides at the same time?… All these thoughts are considered maneuvering strategies. And for it to work, you need to think about short-term and long-term outcomes.

For example, when you send troops to occupy the land, there will be a shortage of troops at home, whether the neighboring country will rush over to you or not… Thinking carefully, in many different ways will help you make a reasonable move.

MOD APK version of

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Increase when you spend.

Smart AI

One thing that makes so appealing, over and over again, is its highly intelligent AI. While you play as a country on the map, the rest of the countries are played by AI. These countries are not idly fighting for land, or by a predictable logic.

The AI ​​of this game is extremely brainy. It maneuvers everything in different ways, dividing tactics into many unique moves, making you unpredictable and can be cornered at any time.

And if you like, you can choose to play online mode to show off your strategic skills with many other players in the conquest of this territory.

Download MOD APK for Android

When playing, you don’t need power. The only thing needed is the ability to think, use the mind and come up with reasonable maneuvering strategies.

Each of your moves affects the destiny and decline of the country you are running and changes the whole situation on the map.

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