Stone Park MOD APK(Unlimited Gold, VIP, No Ads) v1.4.3

Introduce about Stone Park:MOD APK Prehistoric Park Management

First, Stone Park will give you a new perspective about the life of prehistoric people. In this game, the player will be a manager of Stone Park, which partially recreates the life, landscape, and ecosystem of prehistoric times (the wild but most mysterious period of human history). Well, this is an entertaining career simulation game, everyone, nothing is gloomy or complicated. Think of this Ston Park management experience as a game, a breathtaking business experience. Then you will find it very in-depth and useful to you in some respects. 

Desolate start 

Stone Park is a prehistoric park. The investor has just hired a new manager (you) to look after and supervise it. The original state of the park was alarming. The scenery is poor with a few clusters of miniatures, the entertainment area is also nothing special. Faced with this situation, your task is to think about how to develop this place step by step to be interesting and attract more visitors. You are so ambitious that you set yourself a higher goal: to turn Stone Park into a great park about prehistoric times. 

However, in reality, there are always a lot of things to worry about. First, to get out of this sucking situation, you need to start from the smallest thing such as refurbishing the parking lot, making a new bigger Park gate, adding some new attractions, enhancing the adventure games inspired by the money history…

All these trivial things are aimed at the end goal: to turn this Stone Age Park into a place that everyone wants to visit, see, learn, and spend time relaxing. 

Cherishing each business idea 

How to attract customers? As you struggle with this question, you also start to have strange business ideas. Stone Park is not limited, which “promotes” business ideas no matter how crazy they are. Build a miniature Jurassic Park, recreate tyrannosaurs, and take visitors on a dramatic chase. Recreate the life of prehistoric people through series of mobile models with narrators. Let visitors dress up as any prehistoric animals they want… Whatever you come up with, you can try it out and see the economic effects that the idea brings. The more creative and different your ideas are, the higher the opportunity is to increase revenue. 

Once you have a large amount of revenue, you begin to spend more on building, expanding the scale and diversity of services in the park: food services, entertainment, simulation games, miniature zoos or a prehistoric garden with exotic flowers and huge vegetation… You also have to think about pushing the park’s reputation higher with reasonable marketing and advertising programs. 

All efforts will eventually pay off. Investors come to you, opening new opportunities. Try to capture, choose, and weigh in with current possibilities. If you do these things, you will definitely become a stone age park tycoon soon. 

Balance is my tip

The secret to getting to the ultimate big goal when playing this game is Balance. You have to maintain the balance to make Stone Park better. The balance between revenue and cost, between the view and interaction of the park’s services, between the idea and the actual possibility are essential. You need to keep a cool head and a warm heart to see and judge things in the most rational way. It is also the needed style of a talented manager in the future.

MOD APK version of Stone Park

  • Unlimited Gold
  • VIP
  • No Ads

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In my opinion, this is an interesting idle simulation game with strange background, innovative idea, lovely 3D graphics, various challenges, and many hidden funny secrets. And the best part is that you can play and test a variety of business ideas that come to mind at the same time. Not every simulation game will give you this freedom with little consequences so try it out! 

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