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The convergence of a series of captivating interactive novels!

Why did I choose not a single-story game but a collection?

When it comes to interactive novel games, those on mobile platforms are the most diverse. Partly because these games are often lightweight and convenient to read all the text in the plot on mobile. Another important reason is that one-touch operation on smartphones is extremely suitable for interactive games like this. Players only need to use one hand to enjoy the story and make their choices.

Interactive novel games often have only a single story to focus on maintaining the player’s emotional continuity. But if there is a story only, players rarely play it again because they already know all the progress. If you play again, it’s just to try and see where a new ending goes. But once you play a second time, you may no longer make instinctive choices that reflect your personality. And you may predict how the relationship ends up, it will no longer stimulate curiosity.

So, instead of choosing an interactive novel game with a single story, I prefer games with many series. One of such games is Story Jar.

Super profound Otome stories

If you are thinking that a game with many storylines will cause dilution and not let the players focus on the game, this way of thinking is not true for Story Jar.

Story Jar features many interactive novel stories for players to expand their own experience. And each story has its own style and genre. The level of investment of the game developer is also very different. The level of logic, depth, and length of the content in my opinion is very good. Even if you take each story out to play separately, you will think that this story is a single game, not a series.

A few following examples of the plot and details will help me clarify my opinions.

Beastmaster and Princes

The story takes place in the kingdom of Cattleya. You are a young girl of the kingdom, who since childhood, dreamed of becoming a skilled animal handler like your late mother. On the way, you meet four strange beasts. You are determined to capture and tame them and become a great animal handler. But things suddenly change when you find out they can speak human languages. And more horrifying, in fact, the four beasts you’re training are the four missing princes of the Fasan kingdom. The curse from the dark witch turned them into beasts. You will join them on a journey to break the curse. And that is also the journey to find true love.


This is a completely different story. You play as a lovely, small princess with a huge mission: to protect the secret treasure that has been in the kingdom for generations. Now someone has stolen it, leaving the whole kingdom bewildered. To reclaim the national treasure, you and your companion Nagisa will cross the sea to find where the treasure is hidden.

Along the way, you meet a group of pirates who seem to be evil but full of fun inside. You meet a ship commanded by the prince of the mighty country who is your betrothed fiancée. Then you meet the navy, the guardians of peace and justice. Who will you choose to go to the mysterious ghost ship with you and find a way to bring back the national treasure? This mysterious adventure story that is completely new but also full of romance as a love song is sure to make your heart flutter.

Become Elite

It is a story with a completely different nuance from the two examples mentioned above. Your rich uncle passed away suddenly. You inherit part of the will, in which there is the famous Water Lily estate. In a very short period of only three weeks, you have to join special training from three obnoxious butlers to officially launch this estate. Along with that difficult task are strange feelings with one of the three difficult guys.

Or if you don’t like the above contemporary or fairy-tale novels, you can immerse yourself in some interactive stories of the magical world, like:

Wand of Fortune

The story is about a magic school in a faraway hidden land. You’re a little girl with so great magical abilities that the professors don’t know what to do for you or how to stop the day when those powerful magics spill out. In the end, they must transfer you to another school to ensure the safety of all students here.

A new school called Mills Crea in the magical Magic City of Latium, a place that every wizard dreams of once setting foot in. When you move here, you are filled with excitement because you believe that ahead, a brighter future is waiting for you. But contrary to your initial excitement, you notice strange things about yourself.

While other magicians and witches are all born with some magical element, you don’t have any magic at hand.

No one understands why you were transferred to this prestigious school. Do your identity and abnormality have any connection to your future and destiny? Does it contain some unbelievable truth?

A big plus of Story Jar is the Voiceover in the stories

Usually, in games with multiple stories like this, in order to shorten the weight and reduce the investment, there are only static images and text with fixed background music only. But Story Jar has a voiceover for each character. 

You will enjoy the original voice acting of famous Japanese voice actors, such as Hikaru Midorikawa, Kohsuke Toriumi, Hiro Shimono, Yuki Kaji, Hiroki Yasumoto, Takuma Terashima… Of course, not everyone can hear it. Like me, I don’t know a word of Japanese. But by hearing the tone of the voice and the expressions in the timbre, you will feel better immersed in the world of the story, understand what is going on, and importantly, incarnate in the character better.

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There are many more stories with many different Otome genres, from romance, school love to mythological, adventure, ghost elements… Everything you need or care about is in Story Jar. Download one and get a lot. It is worthy of a long-playing interactive novel game.

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