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Introduce about StorypickMOD APK

Make popular dramas and TV programs into your own story!

Storypick is a big hit of Day7, a Com2us’s subsidiary, a famous name in the Korean mobile game industry. The stories included in Storypick are all Korean novels with a variety of content, styles and genres, from ancient to modern, from reality to fantasy. Players here can freely enjoy a variety of story contents. Currently, the most prominent Storypick is probably the romantic story line.

Becoming the main character in famous Korean works

Players are given the choice to follow a story they like. From that, they will turn into the character in it, then make personal choices to reach different endings. However, Storypick also takes things further. The works featured in the game are all famous names with Korean moviegoers such as the hit zombie TV series “Kingdom”, the drama series “Sky Castle”, the movie “The Temptation of Wolves”, and the popular Korean TV show “Heart Signal”.

Just hearing the name can make me feel restless. What’s more, we get to be directly a part of the story and guide the entire ending. More than the main actor, you are also the scriptwriter able to change the ending as you like. The feeling of being the soul of a famous movie or novel must be felt by directly taking part in it.

Among the super novels available in Storypick, the most prominent one right now is ‘Marked by King Bs’. Korean gamers really love this story. After the game had been released, it was even made into a web drama with many different endings. What are you waiting for? Play now to understand how great the attraction of this series in Storypick is.

Ultimate power

That feeling of happiness increases many times over when you are aware that you have the right to do something sensational: open new endings that are completely different from what you have read and seen for top Korean super products. It feels like power bro.

Let me give you an example. In Kingdom, the kingdom of the undead, Netflix’s Korean series was so well-produced that it became all the range. Just searching for one line on Google would yield countless results. The two seasons are full of heart-stopping scenes of gore, macabre killings, and gruesome chatter between the undead and the pitiful in Joseon dynasty.

However, without a little bit of love, the scriptwriter just had fun playing with our emotions. The Crown Prince and his doctor thought they were in love, but eventually became companions to kill zombies. Excuse me? There is a love line out there but finally turn into “companion”? If I could rewrite everything to my liking, I would at least give these two lonely young people a chance to be together.

That’s an instance for you to understand how it feels when facing a super product in Storypick. It is different from when facing the same series of little nameless love stories like in other games. You will become both proud and happy, knowing the end but still being able to change everything as you like.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in Storypick are completely according to the beautiful manga design. The boys are romantic, stylish, and have plenty of old-timers. The girls are shy and gentle while being stylish and fragrant. Following the criteria of Korean films, the male and female leads are so excellent that few people can compare. Of course, there is a big gap compared to the scenes in the movie, but if you love the manga style, you will be completely satisfied.

The background music of each story is also quite diverse. It’s not too loud and majestic but enough melodious and quiet for players to really focus on the details.

Download Storypick APK for Android

Accept fate and the responsibility to rewrite the ending. Again, it’s a masterpiece that goes into people’s hearts. Are you guys ready for a lighthearted adventure full of fun? Now download Storypick right away to play.

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