Super Mecha Champions MOD APK v1.0.13755

NetEase is the second largest game developer in China behind Tencent. After the success of the games that attracted the number of players like Rules Of Survival, Cyber Hunter, … they continued to release a super product called Super Mecha Champions MOD APK .

However, this game has a completely different style, which set in Japanese cities in the future. At that time heavy military weapons like tanks and airplanes were replaced by Mechas (giant robots).

So far, this game has officially launched the Global version with the English language. Let find out some highlights of this game. Moreover Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod APK Download 2022

The fierce arena of machines

When participating in Super Mecha Champions, you will participate in the extremely fierce survival arena of machines. You and 99 other people will jump down from a plane to the place you want on the map. After a certain period of time, the safe zone will start to shrink until only one person is left.

And you have to find a way to survive and kill other opponents. The only player who survives will be the Champions of this arena.

At the beginning of the match, as soon as you hit the ground, you will be equipped with an SMG. After a while, when the energy is fully loaded, the game allows you and all the survivors to choose and control the giant robot they own.

However, each robot has its own strengths, weaknesses and the skills are completely different, so use your strategic mind to choose the right situation. Next, you will have to quickly find more powerful weapons such as RPG, MGL, … to be able to fight giant robots.

Team up and fight

Like other battle royale games, Super Mecha Champions also allows you to join your friends in a match. The game also has three modes including Solo, Duo, and Squad (four players). Furthermore Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK v1.8.5 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

When playing the Duo or Squad, the party members will have to support each other, helping to find weapons and necessary items and kill the enemy. Although only one member of the group survives, all of you are Champions.

Controlling this game is also extremely simple, through touch-sensitive virtual keys on the screen. If you’ve ever played PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival Mobile, … you may not need to play in tutorial mode.

If this is the first battle royale game that you play, don’t worry too much, experience the tutorial and the system will make it easy to get used to the action keys through practice matches.

Amazing graphics

This is a new masterpiece of battle royale with extremely impressive graphics. Super Mecha Champions owns beautiful and unique manga-style 3D graphics. Even if you leave the game’s graphics at the lowest setting, it is still beautiful and creates an authentic feel.

You can feel that you are in Japan in the future. Each building, the crowded urban area is made of modern graphics technology.

Download Super Mecha Champions MOD APK for Android

As soon as it has just released the Global version, Super Mecha Champions has achieved an amazing number of players. If you want to look for titles similar to PUBG … this is a perfect choice. This game is a huge step forward in the battle royale genre. You can also download Gun Club 3 MOD APK v1.5.9.6 (All Guns Unlocked/Unlimited Money)

The combination of people and machines will bring you an extremely new feeling. Currently, the game has supported both Android and iOS operating systems. Free your Mecha, fight and become Champions.

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