Tabou Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) v2.1.1

Interactive novel game with a collection of dramatic romance stories!

Tabou Stories MOD APK is not a very special game genre. Many of you have also played interactive novel games and many times you were captivated by the romantic details full of vibrations.

When you come to Tabou Stories, MOOD APK its personalization and rich collection of love stories will make you have a whole new interactive experience. Furthermore Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v6.3.2

Transform into any model you want

In each story of Tabou Stories, you get to play the main character, a beautiful, charming girl. Moreover, you can also customize, change the shape, outfit, and accessories for your character.

Some other interactive games also offer this feature. But sometimes the details still have something unnatural. But in Tabou Stories, the customization process is quite convenient, comfortable and no matter what you choose, the results are still very vivid. That’s the good thing I want to talk about the character customization feature.

Collection of romantic stories with many thrilling details

Interactive novel games are now divided into two categories. First, there is just a single story divided into chapters. Second, there are many stories in one game. Tabou Stories belongs to the second category. The collection of romantic love stories in this game is special in its diversity. Fans of almost any genre can find their ideal story in this game.

Each story is divided into several chapters so that you can comfortably enjoy it all in your leisure time. In Tabou Stories, the stories are divided by genres including romance, drama, LGBT… Just choose the genre, then choose each story in it, they will open to you a whole new world with a wide variety of colors, flavors, and emotional aftertaste.


As a classic interactive novel game, Tabou Stories’ gameplay is the same as other games. In the game, you choose the story, customize the characters, read each story page, and make choices in many different situations. These decisions will affect the next course of action and the very ending of the story. You are in complete control of your life here.

For you to better understand the depth and richness of the stories in Tabou Stories, we invite you to read some of the following details: You can also download Mini Militia Mod Apk v5.3.4 (Unlimited Health /Money)

In the story OFFICE AFFAIR, you will be a beautiful, sexy, talented lawyer. You have a strong attraction to everyone, but they always feel a wall in you, your cold personality.

Entering the new company, your boss is an arrogant and somewhat narcissistic person, but it is undeniable that he is very handsome and charming. From the first meeting, there was an electric spark between the two.

Will you still be able to focus on your work or be confused because of your young boss? Or maybe one of the company’s big customers may fall into your eye? You have the right to choose according to your own feelings and reason.

But above all, you still need to do the role of a true female lawyer well: fight for justice and help people. Live true to your feelings, work hard, enjoy to the fullest, and you will find a happy ending.

One more story I like very much with the name that could not be more ordinary: BODYGUARD. This time you have a crush on a man hired to be your bodyguard. Unfortunately, you are a married woman. The love in you is burning more and more after many dangerous situations continuously take place.

But whether that sexy muscular guy is in love with you or you’re just a stepping stone in his career. It is your decision that will determine whether you have a happy life later or not. This story is very good for me personally, there are many situations worth thinking about.

The story AUCTION is different. The story begins when a mysterious billionaire needs his companion for a week of work. This man is really different from anyone you’ve ever met. His cold exterior seems to hide deep inside a painful past.

But is your feeling right? Are you the type he’s looking for or just a shadow of someone from the past? Will you risk everything to fall in love with him or just stop at work? Your day-to-day choices will govern the next course of the entire story.

When you enter MATCHMAKER, everything will be completely different. Bustling, vibrant, and more modern. You will have the opportunity to wear beautifully designed clothes, hang out with celebrities, become famous, and find your ideal companion when participating in a reality show on television.

The contestants will be a bad boy singer, a famous Hollywood actor, and an ex-boyfriend who is a model. Who will you choose? Will you become a good girl or a scandal queen in that contest? Will you win or still struggle to find your final choice?

In BILLIONAIRE’S DARLING, you are an ordinary girl. Everything changes rapidly when you meet a handsome and pompous billionaire.

Unexpectedly, for some reason, he offers you to play the role of a fake girlfriend for a very good price. But gradually, you discover that billionaire Henry is an extremely complex person with many twists and turns in personality.

MOD APK version of Tabou Stories

MOD feature

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Download Tabou Stories MOD APK for Android

There are many good or even dramatic stories like that. I’ve only played a few times, so I don’t know all the rest of the stories. With such an interactive novel game with a collection of love stories, you may take a lot of time to finish it! 

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