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Demon Slayer in cartoon version: cute but not easy to play

Tailed Demon Slayer tells the story of the journey to slay demons of a hero with a small tail. It all started when Bestia, a small kingdom that was once very peaceful and happy, was engulfed in darkness under the possession of demons and evil forces. Undead bosses were gathering in every street despite the king’s weak resistance.

You are a little hero with a lithe tail. With patriotism, unyielding will, and rare fighting ability, you will quickly end this bleak situation. The demon-slaying adventure begins. You are determined to bring everything back to the original order and restore peace to the kingdom.


I find Tailed Demon Slayer quite difficult to play. First, you must get used to the melancholy combat speed of the demon slayer here. Second, you must coordinate the abilities of the character so skillfully. Demons appear in all forms and shapes with an increasing number which can be called a ton (not an exaggeration, guys). The battlefield can sometimes become chaotic and overwhelming for some who are used to the type of puzzle game or slow adventure.

Our Tailed Demon Slayer will enlist as many weapons as possible and find ways to overcome the hideous, aggressive zombie demons. After winning the stages, you will unlock new skills, increasing the maximum strength of the hero. The more powerful bosses you encounter, the more you struggle but you will be well compensated after finishing them.

Tailed Demon Slayer provides players with four groups of weapons: swords, knives, bows, and spells. You need to in turn collect, learn, get acquainted, and master each weapon here to alternately change them as needed.  In addition to increasing your character’s skills and health, upgrading each type to become bigger and stronger with higher damage is also a way for you to increase your chances of winning.

Dive into the dungeons, the more you fight, the faster you level up. At level 1, you are just a straw hero with a cloak and a dust hat. At level 2, you have more warrior-like equipment, armor, helmets, weapons. Level 3 with 3 stars is when you become a genuine demon slayer with super cool iron armor, helmet, and big weapon in skillful hands. You will look as formidable as the enemy’s strength.

To upgrade your character through heroic levels 1, 2, and 3, you’ll need runes, gems, items, and skins to equip your character. And to get these items, you must fight to destroy as many enemies as possible.

Fortunately, Tailed Demon Slayer also has an idle mode

Play the first one or two levels, and you will realize why I said this game was hard to play. Look at the scene around. It has a cartoon style like that, but actually behind it is a difficulty that cannot be underestimated. The gameplay as mentioned is quite difficult for many beginners in this genre. But when it’s too difficult, players often get frustrated.

For players not to get bored, the developer has brought some idle elements to make the game more comfortable, easier, and less stressful. It is this idle factor that allows you to ignore the control of the character, he can 100% automatically dodge attacks, start fighting when facing an enemy. Once you hit the enemy, the enemy will get hurt, as long as the enemy is within the influence of weapons.

During the battle, you must constantly ensure the character’s health bar, both to limit being hit and to pump blood for the hero. At the same time, you must collect rare equipment and constantly improve one of the four main power factors: talent, skill, combat, and support. When fighting, you can use 2 skills of the weapon at the same time.

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The dungeon fighting action-adventure game is fast-paced and has complex situations, countless enemies, lovely graphics, fun, and loud lighting effects. There is always an automatic mode to support you if you want, otherwise, you can control and dodge attacks yourself. Either way is fun. 

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