Tales of Grimm MOD APK v2.0.12 Unlimited Money 2022

TAPPLUS is a potential developer. After experiencing Tales of Grimm MOD APK most players think that the game is very attractive, and they feel that the publisher is also very interested in players.

Players are mainly from Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The game is inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales. But it’s not like the usual stories you’re used to reading. The player, also known as the Dreamer, begins the journey in the land of Oz, the realm of wizards.

Here you can meet many familiar characters, they will fight side by side with you during your adventure to uncover the mystery in this land.


Tales of Grimm is a turn-based strategy with a 5 vs 5 format. The order of attacks is based on the character’s speed. The match takes place completely automatically, you do not need to do anything.

The game has both PVP vs PVE modes. Your mission is to build a strong squad and overcome challenges and climb the rankings. Besides, even when you are offline, you can still get rewards.


Tales of Grimm possesses many modes. At the beginning, you can only participate in the adventure mode aka the main story. Next is climbing the magic bean tree, each floor of the enemy has a different formation and strategy.

Every day you will have a few free turns to sweep the top floor. To open more features, you must pass the plot milestone that the system sets out.

Arena is a PVP mode that helps you learn how to build squads of other players. Try to climb to the very high rank to receive many attractive gifts. Avoid the fact that you have to constantly hold the phone for a long time, every day, the game has a certain playing time and you will be stuck, unable to continue playing.

That’s when you need to take a break and let the Offline Reward system do its job.


Depending on each person’s perception of the game’s graphics. TAPPLUS’s character design is very novel, they turn the characters in fairy tales into heroes fighting against evil.

The skills of the characters are also very beautiful, the movement is smooth, and the optimization is very good. Not only that, but the sound is also very ghostly, there seems to be something mysterious in this land of Oz.

Redemption Code

The developer is very interested in players, so he gave a lot of redemption codes with many different gifts. Mainly wish stones for players to summon characters in Wonder Castle.

Currently, the following redemption codes are still valid: VIP777, VIP123, TOG 777, TOGEDAY and TOG2022. To enter the code, click Settings, then click on the Gift Code line and enter the redemption code.


In this land of Oz, familiar characters such as Britney – Little Red Riding Hood, Schnee – Snow White, Cindy – Princess Cinderella and many other characters from fairy tales will transform into war heroes and fight with you.

There are many ways to own a character. The simplest way is to perform prayers in Wonder Castle, use champion shards to combine or spend in Wish events. It all depends on your luck.

Upgrade your heroes

There are many things that make your hero stronger. But the simplest is to increase the character’s level with experience points and gold. However, there is only a certain limit, when you reach the limit you have to upgrade the hero’s star to break through. F2P (Free to Play) players can absolutely climb to high rankings.

Like I said, it all depends on your luck. You need to own many of the same heroes to break them to the next level. Learn the game before building a squad if you don’t want to be weak in the late game.

Next is equipment, a character can wear 4 equipment. You don’t need to worry about it in the beginning because it will be easy to find later. There is also a Sigil feature that increases the character’s stats.

You can join the developer’s Discord or the Tales of Grimm groups on Facebook for more on how to upgrade each character.

Download Tales of Grimm MOD APK for Android

Tales of Grimm is a very good game, but the scale is very small, not widely known. The gameplay is simple but very attractive, the story is new, and the graphics are beautiful .

It will be a pity if you ignore this game. Join today and get yourself many attractive gifts. Adventure with the characters from the fairy tale world and fight the evil in the land of Oz.

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