Tekken 3 Mod APK Download 35 MB For Android & PC (All Players Unlocked)

Tekken 3 APK Download 35 MB

Tekken 3 is the most famous and most loved action-fighting game. This third part of the Tekken series in 1998 for the PlayStation and got very famous as no fighting game was released before with such amazing graphics and a multiplayer mode. As people started loving playing Tekken 3, it was later released for other platforms. One can also use emulators to play Tekken 3. Today is the world of mobile gaming, and games like PUBG Mod APK and Call of Duty Mobile are having millions of downloads.

What is Tekken 3 MOD APK?

It is a modded version of the tekken 3 game for android in which you will get unlimited gems. Are you tired of losing game again and again? Then, you don’t have to worry as you will not have to play again from the first round after losing any match in tekken 3 Modded version. You will have unlimited gems, which you can use to start the game from the same round in which you lose. Gems in tekken 3 basically work as tokens. So, if you are asked on the screen to use the tokens to start the game from the same round, then you can use these gems. Moreover, these gems will never run out. One can use them without worrying about their extinction.

Games Like Tekken 3

If you have become a fan of this game, you may want to explore more games like Tekken 3. You will be amazed to know that there are hundreds of fighting games which are almost like Tekken 3. If you just want to play the games exactly like this one, then you check out the whole collection of the tekken series. If you are looking for the best fighting game for android of this year with the latest graphics, then you must check out Shadow Fight 4 Mod APK.

Features of Tekken 3 APK

Features are listed below.

Characters in Tekken 3

There are a total of 23 characters in this game, and each character has a different costume and a style of fighting. Some of the characters were select from the 2nd part of Tekken. All the players are built powerful equally, which means that no character has an advantage over another character while fighting. Now, it’s completely on the player that which strategy he uses at the right time to win the match.

Graphics & Sound

When you play the game, you will find no difference in the quality of graphics and sound between the PC and Mobile versions. This means that the developers changed nothing except compressing the size of the game to 35 MB to make it playable on mobile without any issues. Moreover, the controls on the screen will not disturb you in any way. It will take a maximum of 2 matches to get used to the controls of Tekken 3 Mobile.

Download Tekken 3 For Android

Yes, it’s true that now you can play Tekken 3 on any android phone as the size of apk is not too low. So, just download the Tekken 3 Apk File of 35 MB from the link given above and enjoy the game! We will keep updating the apk file of Tekken 3 according to the new updates by the developer. Below, we have mentioned how you can download and install tekken 3 game on android and PC.

How to Download & Install Tekken 3 on Android:

First, download Tekken 3 APK or Tekken 3 Mod APK from the links given in the download button.
Now, Install the tekken 3 file by tapping on it and allowing the permissions.

The installation of tekken 3 on android will take a few seconds after which you can enjoy playing the game.

Tekken 3 APK Download for PC

How to Download & Install Tekken 3 on PC:

If you want to download Tekken 3 for PC but you don’t have the setup file for that or you do not find any legit source to download and install this game on PC, then you don’t have to worry. You can still play tekken 3 on PC without getting the windows version. Read the instructions below to know how you can actually play tekken 3 on windows without its setup file.

First of all, download the apk file of tekken 3 which is 35 MB from our site.
Now download and install any android emulator on your system. Bluestacks is a good option here.
Now install the apk file in the android emulator.
The installation will take a few seconds after which you will be able to enjoy playing tekken 3 on PC or Windows.

Tekken 3 Multiplayer APK

After we have provided you with the Tekken 3 android, now you will be able to play it on your android phone. However, you might not find a way to play this game in a multiplayer mode but don’t worry because you will be able to play the multiplayer in the tekken 3 APK which you are provided with. If you want to play tekken 3 in multiplayer mode with your friends, then watch the video below and follow the instructions told in the video.

Epsxe Tekken 3

Epsxe is an emulator which runs old PS games. At first, it was released for the windows and linux, which enabled the desktop users to play the PS games on their system. Later, a version of it for android was also released, which enabled the users of android devices to play the video games of playstation on their mobile phones.

So, if you somehow cannot install the apk file of tekken 3 on your mobile, then you can simply install the Epsxe emulator from their official website or from Google Play Store. After you have installed this application, run it on your phone and use the tekken 3 apk file to run the game.

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