Tekken 4 Mod Apk Download For Android & PPSSPP (Highly Compressed)

Tekken 4 Game

You may formerly know that tekken is a veritably notorious fighting game which is developed by the company named “ Namco”. Tekken 4 APK is an addition to the tekken series as a fourth part. This game was substantially released in 2001 for the playstation 2 and other consoles of thattime.However, also you should play the former interpretation similar as Tekken 3 APK because it’s gameplay isn’t darker, If you aren’t used to playing games that have dark gameplay like tekken 4.
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Characters of Tekken 4

Tekken 4 is notorious for its action packed gameplay and characters. It’s played nearly everyplace in the world. It’s gameplay is the same as the former performances and contains 21 characters, including 6 new characters. Some of the old characters you can see in the game are Eddy, Heihaichi, Lee, Nina, Panda, Paul, Yoshimitsu and numerous others. Steve Fox, Craig, Combot, Miharu, Christie and Violet are the new characters introduced in this fourth part of tekken. Some of the characters are only uncorked when you complete a certain task in the game.

Game Modes in Tekken 4

Tekken 4 has colorful modes in it. Players can elect and start playing the mode they want to as all the modes are formerly uncorked in the game. Let’s talk about all the modes in detail.

Story Battle

This is the main mode of this game. When you’ll play the game, you’ll come to know that some of the ultraexpensive characters aren’t uncorked. The only way to unlock those characters is to play the story mode. The more you progress in this mode, the more you’ll be awarded with the new characters.

Team Battle

This mode is veritably intriguing as it allows you to produce a platoon conforming of your favourite characters from the game. Players have the choice to produce a platoon of one to eight characters. The characters of the opponent platoon will be of the same figures as yours. 1v1 matches will be held between both the brigades. The platoon with the utmost match triumphs will be the winner.

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This mode is the most played mode in tekken 4. In this mode, players will have to fight against the ten different fighters in 10 rounds with their named fighter. The 10th and the last round will be the master round which is typically called master fight. In this round, you’ll have to fight with the master of the game, who’s Heihaichi.
Other Modes

Multiplayer, survival, training and tekken force mode are also a part of this game. All the modes are worthtrying.However, also try out the training mode as there’s no competition in it, If you want to learn the moves and chops of each character.
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Tekken 4 APK OBB Download

Now that you have come to know about the modes in the game, you must be agitated to play it but there’s not a single source on the internet which provides you with the contagion free Tekken 3 APK for mobile and its data. Android druggies can now have tekken 4 game downloaded on their mobile without fussing from our point as it’s contagion free. Just download the apk and obb train from the link given in the download button and start playing this 4th part of the stylish fighting game.

Get Tekken 4 APK for PPSSPP

Still, also there’s no need to worry because the train we handed you with also works on the PPSSPP android impersonator, If you aren’t suitable to play tekken 4 apk directly on your mobile. You only need to get PPSSPP APK installed on your phone and load the tekken 4 apk train on it which you downloaded from then. After this, you’ll be suitable to play tekken 4 game easily on your android phone.

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