The Sun Origin MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.1.9

This article mentions the recent game that is receiving the most attention, The Sun Origin MOD APK (Unlimited Money). It is a mix of many elements including RPG, survival, shooting and action. Furthermore War Robots MOD APK (Unlimited Rockets) v8.1.1


In the introduction of the plot, the game introduces you to a soldier named Raven. He is the person you will role-play to explore the story in the apocalyptic world of the game. And, he is also humanity’s last hope.

The Sun Origin MOD APK takes the main gameplay of the FPS genre. You will move around in the map, looking for NPCs to take on the task of helping them. Search for an item, search for other soldiers to ask for help or kill all the monsters and other types of enemies in the area.

Raven is a survivor of the peril. He is a normal person, so his health will reduce after his activities. Besides trying to help others, look for food and water to maintain a healthy level, medical supplies to recover from injuries. Don’t forget weapons, armor, gas masks and other equipment to protect yourself.

The game includes not only monsters that eat people, but also the army of ruthless lords. More specifically Chosen – the leader of North-216 Community. They are willing to kill those who disobey them. So be careful.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: If you want a lot of money to buy weapons, drugs, ammunition or upgrades for characters, you should use the MOD version of MOD APK .


The Earth is in a post-apocalyptic period. All this tragedy occurred when the sun released a large source of radiation, making it nearly impossible for all living things to survive.

Despite having been warned about the danger years earlier, leaders of many countries ignored it. There is no precaution for this disaster. As a result, civilization is dying, the atmosphere is covered with radioactive particles causing cancer, scarce food supplies, every land are destroyed become desolate and poisoned. Meanwhile, alien species with high adaptability are trying to invade here.

Some people heeded the warning earlier, they escaped to bunkers and survived. Although they were fortunate enough to escape death, at the same time, they also entered a tough survival challenge.

Discover many areas

As mentioned, The Sun Origin MOD APK sets the scene as a post-apocalyptic world, with food shortages, a variety of diseases and radiation. You will have to restore life to each small area. There, there are characters, who will provide information on what you need to do.

You start with Rusty Wasteland, then Lands of Bunker-216, Lands of Community/Community Northern Blockpost, Warehouse and dozens of other areas. Of course, there will be new challenges and new dangers that you face. Everything has a reasonable solution, but first, you need to focus on fighting skills and food to survive in a harsh environment.

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Some tips you may need

The Sun Origin MOD APK is a difficult game with a large world. To survive, you care about many issues. It is quite complicated. I have compiled some useful tips to help you play better.

  1. Most types of armor have additional slots. If you find an item, you can equip it to any slot or replace an existing item in this slot. As such, you can use any kind of medical item or food item in the slots without opening the inventory. If you want to recover or be decontaminated in the middle of a flight, or even while fighting, this is the best way.
  2. Hotbar contains items you’ve equipped into the inventory’s quick access slots. Click the icon to use the item. You can save time, instead of open an inventory in the middle of a fight. Items in the Hotbar can be replaced through your inventory screen.
  3. Most NPCs are friendly. They will not talk to you while you are holding the gun. So, put them in the weapon pouch by touching the Bag button to the right of the weapon selector.
  4. Wasteland is a land with a lot of cruelty and harshness. High radiation areas, areas of chemical pollution and similar dangers await anyone who visits. You can avoid most hazardous areas by using the Detector Panel. After equipping, an additional information panel will appear. It provides information on the pollution rate of the area in front of the player. This way, you can avoid the dangers easily.
  5. On the “Skill and Abilities” tab, you can view the character’s skill levels and improve them by using statistic points. You will get these points when completing a number of tasks, helping NPCs and other similar activities.

Save your data

If you want to save game data and information, select the “Save Your Data” tab. There are a number of icons, click on any of them, it will show you the options, through which you can delete previously saved data, overwrite or create new records.

You can save the game on the Cloud if you log in to your account and turn on auto-sync. As such, when you switch to a new device, you can download them and continue the unfinished gam

Download The Sun Origin MOD APK for Android

The Sun Origin is an FPS shooting action game, combining survival and role-playing elements. It also has a thrilling story about the demise of the Earth in Apocalypse. Can you survive, resist the dangers and give people the opportunity to see the dawn again? Moreover LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham MOD APK v2.0.1.8

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