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Hello. Where are the zombie fans? Put your hands up! Who wants to play a zombie shooting game with extremely bloody scenes? Let’s play They Are Coming MOD APK with me!

A real gore zombie game

They Are Coming is an arcade fighting game from the publisher OnHit.Dev. The game was introduced as a bloody game. In the game, you will get goosebumps because of the scary sounds from the zombies.

Just hearing those squeal and groan sounds is enough for any person to imagine all sorts of terrible things in the world. I’m not joking.

Immediately, you face a series of bloody scenes continuously happening on your way. At this point, I understand why the publisher chose to make games with pixel graphics. Because if they try to make it with 3D graphics but cannot do it well, things will even get worse but not as good as this.

Even if they can do it well, the game will be labeled 18+.

The scenes of shooting zombies with red blood splattered on the street and parts of bodies everywhere will certainly make it get a violent alarm bell, like Mortal Kombat previously condemned by the West.

But if the game is in pixel graphics like this game, the feeling of horror is no longer an obsession. Then I think the bloody phases are no longer blood, but just like a color streak or a block of color. In general, it is much less violent but still ensures stimulation and excitement when playing.

The sounds of the weapons in the game are also designed very well. Sounds from different weapons such as axes, shotguns, long guns are clear. The high-pitched sound of the gun fires will make you raise your spirits before the more and more zombies in front of you.

Don’t believe what you’re seeing

They Are Coming can be considered as one of the strangest zombie games. It’s strange in “sees that but is not like that”. When I first saw the game introduction in Google Play, I thought that “Are you kidding me?

There’s only one straight path and zombies keep coming straight ahead like they’re rushing to death; it’s probably boring to play.”

Playing the three first levels, I still kept that thought. Until the 4-5th ones, my face was frown and my hands started to sweat a little, and my eyes started to fire. If you’re going through a similar set of emotions, congrats! Welcome you to the world of addicts of They Are Coming.

Like I said earlier, the backgrounds are all shown up in the game intro images literally. They are a straight road in the pixel graphics that are quite discrete, a bit boring colors, and no other scenes around to see.

Of course, you play the role of a heroic character who constantly loads his gun then pulls the trigger to shoot the zombie army to ashes. The mission is just that. And the surrounding scenery is just that. Everything seemed easy…

But it’s not…It’s not easy at all… Some important things need to be repeated twice, bros. The more you go on, the more you will suppress the sighs because you have too underrated the game. In that seemingly boring context, everything happened more and more suffocatingly and brainlessly.

The original easy-to-kill zombie army has now turned into wild beasts. I mean that their ferocity, daring, speed, and diversity have increased exponentially. There are dozens of different types of zombies. Some are normal ones.

Some are super high and can spit out horror green mucus. Some live so long like leeches. When this zombie falls, it still slithers forward. Some are zombie dogs. Well, enough genres. Their speed is also increasing.

At first, I was playing while still drinking coffee. Playing for a while made me restless, and I even forgot the melted coffee. The more you shoot, the more intense your brain, the more you want to kill all the undead in front, then see how it is challenging in the next scene.

Suspense, anger, stress, joy, curiosity… When all those emotions are together, you understand how successful the game maker is.

Don’t worry about you are alone in the fight

The hero character in the game is alone but has to fight with many different types of zombies with increasing speed. So, he has only one way to live: constantly update, change, and upgrade powerful, fast, and high-damage weapons to repel the zombie army.

The constant selection and change of different weapons are part of the tactical nature of They Are Coming. You will have many weapons, from handguns (like Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, and even Minigun) to hand-held melee weapons (like Baseball Bat, Axe, Hammer, Japanese Sword, Chainsaw, Lightsaber).

You can also use the money collected from killing zombies to buy traps or defensive means such as Roadblock, Spike Barrier, Claymore Mine… The flexibility of switching back and forth these weapons and vehicles will help you deal with pressing situations in the game.

Of course, advanced items must be bought by the gold coins obtained. So, try to kill them all from the first level to get richer. The more weapons you have, the longer you will have a chance to survive.

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This game looks simple but is really hard to play with addictive battles. You may need to learn how to stop playing They Are Coming. Otherwise, you will play it all day and night. Are you guys ready to fight now?

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