TickTick MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v6.2.7.0

Today, you have to file your report at 10:00, have an appointment at 15:40 and a birthday party at 20:00. Don’t need to worry about memorizing each task for the day like that, because TickTick MOD APK will help you take notes and notify you, making sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

What is TickTick?

You know, every day there are a lot of things that keep us concerned. Busy life and work make us forget about some other things in life. Your girlfriend will be very disappointed if you forget the date for the evening, or you lose an important client by forgetting the date to discuss a new project.

Of course, those things can’t happen if you know how to control and schedule daily tasks. TickTick will help you do that.

TickTick is like an assistant to you, always in control of daily tasks and notifying you at the preset time. This app belongs to the productivity category on Google Play, developed by Appest with the aim of helping people manage their time and work in the best way.

When you tick each task, it means that you have completed that task. That is also why this application is called TickTick.

TickTick helps you to manage tasks effectively

So, how to use this app? Before starting or the new day or before going to bed, you should open TickTick to save the important tasks that you need to complete the next day. If you don’t want to forget an important appointment, you should set a timer for the app to notify you.

This app works almost like Notes on Android phones but offers many features for you to manage your tasks more easily.

After each working day, you should check your list to see how many tasks you completed. Science shows that you ticking each completed task is like a reward for the brain. You will have more motivation and excitement to get your job done better.

Not just work

Not only managing tasks and notes, TickTick also helps you to balance the rhythm of activities, manage your time and daily routine. Go to Tab Bar, enable Habit. Return to the main screen, choose Habit to complete your daily schedule such as waking up at 6 o’clock, exercising for 20 minutes, eating breakfast at 7 o’clock.

Calendar interface

If the usual note interface on gloomy paper pages makes you feel less interested, you will quickly feel impressed with TickTick’s scientifically designed interface. This application displays a screen similar to the phone’s Calendar. You select each day, touch the plus in the corner to add tasks.

Some outstanding features of TickTick


Distraction is the enemy of work. If you’re constantly distracted by social media or what’s going on around you, open Focus mode. The application screen displays a countdown Pomo timer. In a short period of about 30 minutes, you should focus on getting the job done. After 30 minutes, take a few minutes relax to continue focusing.


Creating a detailed schedule for your new day will help you lead a healthy and scientific life. TickTick helps you to easily manage time, daily tasks even small things like waking up, eating breakfast, exercising. Start a good habit like meditation, reading, exercise… to improve your health and concentration.

Organize your tasks by day

Manage tasks and time easily with TickTick’s calendar interface. The application helps you not to miss any important work.

Share task list

If you are a manager and have several tasks for a group of people, you can create tasks and share tasks with them. TickTick allows you to share up to 29 people.


You can send your ideas or suggestions about the application to the developer. They always support and respond to users in the fastest way, because TickTick is always user-oriented.

More features with Premium

Here are some of the advanced features you pay for the Premium version:

  • Choose a theme for the application, with a lot of beautiful themes.
  • Sort by grid (the best compared to other time management apps).
  • Add 5 reminders for each task.
  • Manage up to 299 lists.
  • Share tasks for up to 29 members.
  • No advertising.

MOD APK version of TickTick

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked: Premium features are all unlocked.
  • No Ads
  • Unwanted Permissions Removed

How to use

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Download TickTick MOD APK for Android

A lot of users are impressed by what TickTick has done for them. I often live in a lax, losing control of time. That unhealthy lifestyle has affected my health, work performance and relationships a lot. But after using this app, things gradually went into orbit, and my life got better.

Build a habit of recording important tasks to complete each day and try to stick to the plan you have prepared. Although you may not complete 100% all tasks, over time you will see your quality of life and productivity improve.

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