Tie Dye MOD APK (Unlocked All) v3.7.4.0

Introduce about Tie DyeMOD APK

If you regularly follow the articles of MOD APK, the publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale is no longer too strange to you. Famous for products with simple but extremely addictive gameplay that hit the players’ psychology like or Foot Clinic, these games have been popular and attracted the attention of many gamers. And Tie Dye, although born late, but also equally successful. Inspired by DIY videos, making old clothes more stylish, colorful from Youtube, this game simulates how to dye clothes with personal inspiration.


With Tie Dye, you can freely show off your creative DIY art skills, create amazing products and delight your customers.

Tie Dye has simple gameplay, which simulates almost completely the steps to dye clothes like in real-life dyeing videos.

The game guides you in detail, you just need to follow the things that Tie Dye requires to finish a product. Step one, you need to roll the clothes. Step two, fix them with rubber bands. Step three, add dye to make the product unique and colorful. The last step, soak the product in aqueous solution to fade the color as required. Tadaaa! From a monotonous white T-shirt has now become extremely unique, catching up with the hot trend of this summer.

Your shop will host between four and five customers a day. Each guest will have different types of products and colors. Your task is to try to fulfil the requirements of the customer. Depending on the way the clothes are rolled and how they are fixed, after dyeing, the pattern on the product will differ. The client will not ask for patterns, so you can scroll according to your personal preference. Customers will only ask for the color of the product.

Tie Dye offers up to 15 different colors for your creativity. In addition to the colors that customers require, you can also mix other colors for more eye-catching products.

VIP customers

After a certain number of customers, there will be a VIP customer coming to your store. The request of this customer is not too special, but the money that this customer pays you will be very high. The amount was sometimes five or six times that of the normal guests. However, you will have to watch the ad to receive that amount. Therefore, if you do not like to spend time watching ads, you can choose to ignore this VIP guest.

Unlock more new tools

Customer satisfaction is rated by stars. There is a maximum of 3 stars for creativity, skill and color in each product. The higher the star, the more money you will get. Completing the levels can unlock more new outfits as well as unique kits. Currently, Tie Dye has 9 outfits, 7 rolls of products, 15 dye sprays, 12 solution barrels and 12 rubber bands. In addition, you can review the completed products in the gallery.

Build your shop

Not only about dyeing clothes, but you can also build and decorate your store so that it is eye-catching to attract customers. From a simple, small seaside store, you will build and grow it to become the largest store in the city.

Moreover, you can decorate more props as well as change the surroundings. Use the money earned from work or watch ads to unlock decorative items. From homes, furniture, props to bonsai or even adding a mountain range behind the store, all are available in Tie Dye.


Tie Dye’s developers always focus on the realism and smooth movement of the graphics in their products. You can see that when dyeing clothes, the dye will spread out according to the physical rules. And when you mixing two colors together, it will create a very beautiful color effect. This is one of the unique features of Tie Dye, providing real-life experience for players.

Download Tie Dye MOD APK for Android

With creative, fresh content combined with great graphics, Tie Dye is suitable for entertainment after stressful working days. If you are interested in this game, please download it via the links below.

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