Tofu Girl MODAPK (Free Shopping) v1.1.40

Introduce about Tofu GirlMOD APK

Tofu Girl is developed by Joy Pac, a publisher not so prominent on Google Play. If you haven’t known them, they include a team of talented developers from all over the world. Currently, they have four offices in Denmark, China, Japan and the Netherlands. With the goal of creating fun games for everyone, every country, they focus on simple, cute but very addictive games. And so is this game. As proof, the game reached over 1 million downloads in just a short time.

Coming to this game, you will be introduced to a whole new concept, which is “fingertip game”. This is a simple game genre on mobile devices that you play with just one finger. Perhaps you are not too strange with such games. Flappy Birds is the game I can think of when it comes to this genre.


The gameplay of Tofu Girl is also very simple. You touch the screen to let the girl jump on huge pieces of tofu brought in from the sides of the screen, and of course, with a giant spoon. This game requires good dexterity and timing ability of players. The core problem, you need to jump at the right time tofu pieces in the middle of the screen. If you jump too early, you’ll lose an extra moment to balance. This will ruin your tempo and make you easy to make a mistake. What if you jump too late? You will be pushed out of the tofu tower and lose the game. Don’t worry about this little girl falling to the ground. She will automatically use an umbrella and land safely.

There are no enemies, bosses or dungeons in this game. Your only opponent is yourself. Why is that? Every piece of tofu you jump on is a brick of a giant “tofu tower”. You need to improve your ingenuity and accuracy after each game to break the record you created before.

The game is not difficult, but not easy

In fact, you can easily master this game after just one try. But to achieve a high score, that is not easy. The speed of the game is getting faster, and you don’t know if the tofu pieces will appear from the left or the right. Moreover, there are many sounds and effects to distract you. Sometimes, coins and rewards can also be considered as an obstacle. It will make you lose your temper and make mistakes.

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a “gift” tofu. It will give you an outfit in the store.


Have you seen the movie Tonari no Totoro? When playing Tofu Girl, you will feel like you are watching a Japanese anime film and lost in a world of food in fairy tales. The graphics and colors of the game are really cute. It is suitable for everyone, especially for children and girl.

Unlock skins & tofu

When you place tofu in the middle of the screen, you will receive 1 coin. You can use coins to unlock costumes for girls and unlock tofu with a lot of color, flavor. Have you ever tried a piece of egg tofu or strawberry tofu? Tofu Girl will bring you surprises. Moreover, tofu pieces also change the color and background image of the game.

To unlock tofu and outfit, you need to enter the store and unlock an item randomly with 100 coins.

MOD APK version of Tofu Girl

MOD feature

Free Shopping: To discover fun outfits and colorful tofu, you need to play quite a number of times to accumulate enough money for an unlock. The MOD version of APKMODY will help your process a little faster. You can unlock items for free.

Download Tofu Girl MOD APK for Android

If you’re looking for a light, simple game for fun, you can’t find a better game than Tofu Girl. Publisher Joy Pac knows how to addictive players. A small drawback, the game has many ads that make your experience incomplete. You can turn off ads to not be disturbed. However, advertising can help you revive once for free when you are about to break a record but unfortunately fall down.

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