Toy Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Lives) v9964

Toy Blast MOD APK is a match-3 and puzzle-solving game for Android. It’s a Free game, very entertaining and good for everyone.Play match-3 and pick up toys. No fun, no money!

The match-3 gameplay is extremely simple for relaxing!

The main character in the game is Amy, a cute little girl who starts her journey into her toy village. Along the way, there are countless cute challenges with ideas from toys in the village.

As Toy Blast is a traditional match-3 game, the gameplay is not difficult to understand. The simulation is to touch groups of items that are similar in 2 colors or more to smash them off the screen.

The more clusters of 3 items of the same color are solved, the faster you win, and the more points you get. 

This kind of game was pretty messy when it started. But later on, the speed of appearance of blocks of objects is getting faster, more and more disjointed. And of course, with each touch, the blocks will drop to a lower position if there are no obstacles.

Thus, it requires you to have a careful calculation, not just touching it with your hand like the previous level. And the situation is even tenser when Amy falls into match-3 matches with limited time or a limited number of moves.

Luckily, in every challenge box, there are “mixed match” combos and special items that explode and change the color of the items to stick them together for exploding automatically when you touch them. These special combos are “effective weapons” so try to make full use of them when you see them.

In the past, when I started playing, I won it by luck because I just touched them randomly and quickly. But this method can only be done with “kid-style match-3 games” on the tablet. Now, for Toy Blast, speed also needs to be coupled with deliberation and precision.

Each time Amy passes a game scene, Amy will accumulate many points from blocks of the same color that exploded, and at the same time, collect a toy.

Although these rewards are not too big compared to the items obtained from battlefield games, these must-collect toys are really attractive and cute. I am like being relived back to a “childhood asking for gifts” era.

Toy Blast is also an “ever-lasting” puzzle with prizes

As I shared at the beginning, Toy Blast is not only a match-3 game but also a puzzle game genre. Along the way exploring the toy village, our Amy will encounter a few small quizzes. This “ a few” here is about 4,500 puzzles or more and will increase in the future.

And with every 2 weeks, there is a new level for users to experience, the village of toys in the game and puzzles will expand.

Supporting actors and items couldn’t be more adorable

In addition to the interesting elements from the gameplay, along with the cuteness of the main character Amy, Toy Blast also owns a super-cute supporting cast. These little girls and boys are scattered somewhere in the toy village.

Depending on the situation, they will appear and bring advice, hints, and quizzes to you. Treat your friends nice, maybe they will give you an easy puzzle!

And mentioning the cast, we must say about “props”. Amy aims to pass the challenge to collect a toy you like in the village. The number of toys is infinite. Importantly, there are match-3 challenges with a large match, then the reward can be not just one item, but a pile of small toys.

They are all the things that every child has ever liked and wished to have such as a super teddy bear, an epic lego set, remote-control aircraft, Barbie doll set, cooking set, doctor set…

Light but no less competitive entertainment game

In Toy Blast, you can play in one of two modes: one is solo with AI, the other is to join the “Arena” to compete with other players. And until you find yourself in the worldwide rankings of the game, you have your reputation.

I’m still playing Toy Blast and call it the most interesting matching game ever. Simply because it is a game that makes me give up the distractions in the day. It entertains me in a gentle and relaxing way.

The graphics in the game also entertains me with bright, vibrant, and energetic color games. If you are tired or sad, just play it and you will gain fun soon.

MOD APK version of Toy Blast

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Boosters

Download Toy Blast MOD APK for Android

Background music is also a detailed part of the excitement in the game. It is non-verbal, cheerful, leisurely, accompanied by crashing and explosive sounds in match-3 which are full of excitement.

Along with the images, this playful variety of sounds has created an adorable and unprecedented picture of fun.

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