Truck Simulator USA MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) v5.6.0

Drive Across American!

The game will take you to the famous and wonderful lands of beautiful America. On the trucks, you will be a driver who loves nature but is also extremely responsible and trustworthy. Discovered the rich natural scenes and built the largest shipping company in the US, is that your dream?

Become an exemplary driver

Join in Truck Simulator USA, you will experience the most authentic life of truck drivers. Your job is to transport goods such as machinery, food and even dangerous things to markets, factories, machinery companies, etc. Although the work is difficult, the driver always enjoys life, enthusiasm and dreams of one day building the biggest transport company.

Before that, you had to master the handling of your truck. Truck Simulator USA’s control system is quite complicated with lots of virtual buttons and keys. From simple things like brakes, turn signal, car horns, headlights, mirrors, … It’s all like you control a real-life truck.

In addition, when participating in traffic, always obey the law and drive safely. You can change the angle of view when driving from a first-person angle to a third-person angle. It is convenient for observation, especially for big trucks that can endanger many people. As an exemplary driver, safety is always a top priority, right?

Ride on beautiful roads

What’s more wonderful than driving through beautiful American roads. You will even have a journey to neighbouring countries like Canada and Mexico. In Truck Simulator USA, you will experience driving on the roads you dream of.

Those are lavish highways in the city or mountain roads covered with snow. All of them will combine great weather effects to give you immense excitement and attraction. It can be said, no matter how tired on the distant roads, just a minute to admire the wild and wonderful beauty of nature is enough to dispel all fatigue.

Unlock new trucks

When starting with Truck Simulator USA, you will only drive the normal truck. But, after the tasks are completed, you will earn a lot of money. At that time, you can own many new cars with famous American brands. In addition, you can even customize the truck as you wish. The truck will be more and more and at that time you can build a big transport company.

Realistic graphics

Graphics of Truck Simulator USA are very well. Like other truck driving simulation games like  the visual effects are very lively and flexible between day and night. In addition, your driver will be exhausted and tired as well as the amount of fuel of the car. In the process of completing the task, you must remember many license plates as well as the types of goods in the cabin.

The work is indeed quite difficult and even makes you tired. A driver always has a great responsibility, right?

Moreover, the 3D scene effects and realistic sounds will bring extremely interesting and novel journeys. Experiencing a variety of cars on beautiful roads will be extremely memorable. This makes you more interested in driving even though there are many hardships and stress.

MOD APK version of Truck Simulator USA

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Cars Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Truck Simulator USA MOD APK for Android

An unprecedented experience when you play Truck Simulator USA. There are many things to discover when you play this game. Through the game, you also learn more about truck drivers and more new things in life. This world is immense and there are many things we do not know. Get in the truck and go explore with us today!

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