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Watch movies and TV shows in high quality and absolutely no ads!

Tubi, the app to watch movies and TV shows for free without ads

It is not wrong to say that now is the age of smartphones. People increasingly want to be less dependent on fixed space and equipment. If in the past people could only watch on TV, now with a smartphone, you can watch all the movies and TV shows you want on it.

One of the things I see everyone does on their smartphones (besides calling, texting, using Facebook, Instagram) is watching movies and TV shows. This is a quick and easy way of entertainment. Compared to playing games, reading the news, it is clear that watching movies is easier and less tiring. That’s why now it’s so many streaming apps.

But to find an app to watch both movies and full TV shows, with high sound picture quality, constantly updated, especially without ads and completely free, it’s not easy. If you are still struggling, not satisfied with the application you are using, I suggest you try downloading Tubi. This app is all that you need.

Tubi in short is a specialized application for watching movies and all TV shows. The special feature of Tubi is that it is free, without ads, and has a rich movie library that is not inferior to any famous streaming app.

Just download, after a moment, you can enjoy leisurely your favorite movie without being disturbed by any cumbersome registration procedures or a series of obnoxious ads. There are thousands of famous movies from many countries around the world, hundreds of hit TV series. All genres, from comedy, drama, to classic movies, horror, romance, fantasy, historical, cartoon, Korean drama, Hollywood movies,.. have on Tubi. If you want to watch a movie, you just need to look through the list divided by category or click on the search box to find it right away.

If you are a fan of anime movies, you must download Tubi to watch. Because this app has a monumental collection of Anime movies from classics to the latest such as Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop.

Not only movies and TV series, but Tubi’s advantage also lies in a series of TV programs broadcast. Keeping track of a hit TV show on mobile is now very easy. You won’t have to worry about missing a broadcast anymore.

Update new movies and shows every week

Every weekend, on Tubi, a series of new movies and shows are updated. The fixed update schedule creates a special sense of excitement while also ensuring the long-term development of the application. It is well oriented and invested, so downloading and using it is also more secure.

Smart search, list suggestions on demand

Another difference that makes me turn to use Tubi is its ability to search and sort its famous smart list. Integrating effective AI and capturing user habits, Tubi impressed me with the accuracy and quickness of the Search and List tool.

Want to find a certain movie or program, you can freely search by keywords that you can remember: movie name, actor name, director name. All give results within a second. Now you just need to choose the movie you want and watch it.

The list of movies and TV shows in Tubi is also neatly organized by topic and style. Like action or romance movies, fantasy or historical movies, Korean or American movies, you just need to drag to the right category of the pre-divided list and narrow down your search.

Search like this for 2-3 times, then automatically Tubi will appear a new item Recommend List just for you. This is the result of a collection of searches you did earlier. The app’s AI will automatically recognize your movie preferences and habits. From there, select similar movies to include in this list. This feature is extremely useful, especially when you always can’t remember the movie titles but only know that you want to watch some genre.

If you find a movie you like, but don’t have time to watch it right away, and you worry that next time you can’t find it again, you just put it in the My List section. Next time when you use the app, just click that to choose and then press the Play button to watch.

Download Tubi APK and enjoy your favorite movies!

This smart search and suggestion suite isn’t new to TV and movie apps. But not many apps can do it as accurately and quickly as Tubi

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