Twilight MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v12.17

Twilight MOD APK is a smart application that helps your device’s screen automatically adapt to light conditions. Moreover, Twilight can filter the blue light stream from phones and tablets to better protect the user’s eyes while using the devices.The application helps filter blue light from mobile devices to protect all eyes!

How harmful are the effects of blue light from mobile devices?

You may have read many articles warning about the harmful effects of blue light on mobile devices. There are many articles about accidents caused to the eyes after using mobile devices for too long in the dark. You know, these modern technological devices have so many downsides. However, the major harms most often seen are Sleep disturbances.

Using a cell phone or tablet for too many hours before bed can make it harder to fall asleep as you have a more restless mind than usual. Blue light also makes your mood abnormal, hyperactive, excited, or overly depressed, especially for children.

Experimental scientific studies have shown that a normal person who reads a book on a tablet or smartphone for a few hours before bedtime tends to have difficulty falling asleep and falling asleep about an hour later than usual.

This is caused by light receptors in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range, which can block the production of Melatonin – a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycle.

In short, exposure to blue light before sleep can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm. And it can make a person unable to sleep, or worse, severely affect nerves and mood every day.

But what if you are forced to use your mobile device in low-light environments every day? You need a small but useful utility application called Twilight to better protect your eyes.

What does Twilight do for you?

Twilight helps the device screen adapt to the time of day. The app filters out the blue light emitted by your phone or tablet after sunset and therefore, protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is automatically adjusted according to the solar cycle based on sunset and sunrise time data where you live.

Twilight will help to reduce light emission with a more even distribution of light (for dark areas of the screen like the status bar being colored). So, you have more time to use your mobile device without obsessing over the ill effects of blue light.

For example, you can even read in bed. Twilight will make you more comfortable reading at night because it can reduce the screen backlight much lower than the light adjustment available on the mobile. As a result, blue light has less chance to reach your eyes directly than normal and your eyes are less tired.

Some extended effects

The app makes your eyes less tired. You can sleep more easily even when you are forced to work for a long time on mobile devices at night. Moreover, from the view of experts, Twilight also helps you with many deeper things:

  • Exposure to room light before bedtime suppresses melatonin onset and shortens melatonin duration in humans.
  • Reduce the effects of blue light on circulatory physiology in humans.
  • Minimize the delay of the circadian phase in humans.
  • Ensure the intrinsic period and limit the intensity of harmful light for eye and sleep quality.
  • Reduce the impact of blue light which induces attentional impairment in nighttime mobile device users.
  • Increase sensitivity of the eyes to short-wavelength light, including capillaries, and vision.
  • Minimize the adverse effect on the circadian heart rate of electronic device users at night.

MOD APK version of Twilight

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Download Twilight MOD APK for Android

It is a small application with extremely low battery consumption. It takes almost no space but provides good protection in all situations. Everyone must have time to use their phone at night, so this app is necessary to be on your device.

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