Ulike MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v4.3.0

In the ranking of the most popular photo-editing and shooting applications on Android today, there’s always Ulike MOD APK at the top. There are many reasons why Ulike is so popular, including its usefulness and simplicity.

Spread beautiful energy

You know, in the field of apps, besides games, applications for editing and shooting photos must be the most abundant. I couldn’t experience it all, so I chose to use one that my friends suggested. I was introduced to this selfie and photo editing app, Ulike, and it satisfied me right after trying it a few times. I must tell everyone right away to spread the beautiful energy.

Let’s go through the 6 main functions of Ulike to see how amazing it is!

Reshape your face 

The face editing feature in Ulike is a combination of two parts, Beauty and Makeup, with specific effects such as whitening, browning, zooming in, making the face smaller, creating V-line… All are integrated with AR so you can even find out what needs to be changed before taking a photo.

Pose guidance, which I really like

The most modern, stylish, and personal poses for each situation such as Selfie, daily, Street, Cafe, Work… are all available in Ulike. This is my favorite feature. Simply because a lot of the apps I’ve used don’t have this great suggestion.

You may think you can refer to many other sources to learn how to pose? But imagine for a moment, if you were offline, or needed to find a pose suggestion very urgently, whether opening a website or searching on Google would probably be faster than being suggested by the application or not? With this app, you just need to pose like the model, and you’re done. You can even refer to the background like the one in the photo.

This is super convenient. Ladies who use Ulike, I guarantee you will love this feature.

Trendy Style

It is a combo of Filters + Effects. In Ulike, there are hundreds of photo filters and dozens of different effects. Just take a picture in the app or upload a picture from your library and you can ‘make your photo’ right away. Importantly, these are all popular Filters and Effects today. Make sure to use any of them without fear of being outdated. And there is no such thing as overdoing the color. 

Moisturized Skin

You know, the close you are to the camera, the easier it is to reveal flaws? Because the skin will denounce it all. No matter how much makeup you put on, as long as your skin is not naturally moist and smooth enough, any shape will not look good.

Then you will see how beneficial the Skin-specific Filter feature is. Depending on the inspiration, the time of taking pictures, and the aesthetics of each person, you can choose one of the skin beautifying effects available such as White, Smooth, Elegant, Sweet… Then in each item just need to adjust the level. It’s too easy for flawless, beautiful skin.

Magic Freshen-up Tool

And if you forget to put on makeup but still want to have “some colors” on your face, Ulike can help you. Thanks to the Magic Freshen-up Tool, you can freely make up your face to make the picture as perfect as possible. The level of makeup in Ulike is detailed in every small corner of the face such as Lipstick, Eyeliner, Eyebrows … rather than automatically making a fake look (like many other photo editing applications). So, with just a little effort, you can have your perfect photo.

Video Capture feature

Using Ulike, you can also shoot short movies. Then edit quickly with a variety of effects and filters available. Once done, click to share on social networks. Very convenient. It also takes advantage of all the same features like the photo editing above. You may forget about the camera available on the phone when using Ulike to record small clips.

MOD APK version of Ulike

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Ready to download Ulike MOD APK for Android?

I have never known a sophisticated and psychological editing application like Ulike. Well, my favorite is the Pose guidance and the set of features for skin smoothing. Only by understanding the user can the developer make such a great app. 

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