Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK(Unlimited Money) v2.8.9

Introduce about Vegas Crime Simulator 2MOD APK

Improve your hero and defend the title of the great mafia


Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is the sequel to the simulation game of the same name about an illustrious gangster boss. In this re-export, once again, the king of the streets is even more fierce with a series of powerful weapons and vehicles.

Like the previous part, the mission of Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is quite simple. Mainly you have to do things to make the city’s criminals respect you, prove to them who is the boss here.

But many forces do not sit idly watch you show off your talent. It’s the government, it’s the other gang, it’s the traitors, and it’s a bunch of newcomers in the criminal family. The government is looking for you. And the gangsters want to quickly rob the area and take over your business. There are times when those people annoy you, sometimes fall into danger. But in the end with you, they just do tricks. Because this time, you are stronger than before.


This 3D simulation game allows you to transform into the crime boss, fighting back along with all the enemies spread on all sides. Throughout the game, there are a lot of attractive action combat screens with shooting, racing, and fighting. And of course, it is indispensable for modern means of transport to help you master every street: cars, tanks, and even helicopters. Drive racing cars through the streets, let tanks and helicopters take over the roads, and sweep away anyone who gets in the way.

You will, in turn, weed all the gangsters, defame the government, expand control of new territories. Your score will increase rapidly and you will become the great icon of the street mafia.

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2 there are many tasks set for players. The most important is still the task of expanding the area. With each new place captured, you will mark with your own symbol on the map. You are not afraid to attack the carefully protected areas such as the majestic casino area, the military base. After each kill of the enemy, you can take their weapon as a booty. And at the same time collect more experience points, skills to open up new weapons in turn for both you and the gang.

To achieve the ultimate great goal you do not mind the arduous challenge. Along the way, you can work for many different clans to destroy them from the inside. The more tenacious you fight, the more your sphere of influence expands.

Don’t forget to collect random items on the way. First aid kits, magazines, weapons, armor… they will be very helpful in prolonging your battle.

Character upgrade

When playing the role of a gangster, you also need to remember to constantly find ways to upgrade and strengthen your character to increase both strength, dexterity, stamina, and weapons.

Later you will get to witness all kinds of super skills and weapons. For example, two rockets are attached to the legs to help fly high and jump freely. The Superkick will help you create superkicks for a one-man kill, or the super landing is gentle in the middle of a crowd of enemies and making a fierce bomb explosion.

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