Vikingard MOD APK v1.0.91.bb16dc90

Viking-themed turn-based battle strategy game with beautiful graphics, deep content, and rare multi-dimensionality

Vikingard MOD APK is a strategy game on the Viking scene from the famous publisher NetEase. In this game, you will discover and try many different aspects of a mighty .

Viking leader, not only strong and tenacious but also intelligent and sophisticated in all economic and territorial development strategies. You can also download Tekken Tag Tournament Apk Mod v1.0 Download Latest Version


You will be the leader of a village in Scandinavia. Your current situation is quite difficult, the famine is coming, threatening the lives of the entire population in the village. Your task is to find talented people to become generals,

find a way to keep the villagers from going hungry. Higher is the comprehensive development of all aspects of the village, both in terms of economy and defense, and protecting the village from invasion by surrounding forces.


Vikingard is a tactical role-playing simulation game combining turn-based combat around the theme of Viking warriors. The gameplay in Vikingard is considered flexible and has no duplication, making the playing process always new and bringing many ups and downs when playing.

True to the classic turn-based strategy model, when playing Vikingard, your task is to collect as many Viking heroes as possible. Each hero will have his own skills and fighting style. In the process of upgrading, you can choose to focus on maximum upgrading for a character or equally divide the upgrade abilities among the generals you have.

Depending on the goal and battle strategy of each player, you can choose your own way. The higher the level, the more combat skills the general has and the faster the enemy’s blood loss rate will be.

By choosing a talented person, you will start the rebuilding, fight to protect the land, and develop the economy for your land. The world in Vikingard is for players to freely experience. You can even go to the furthest reaches of England and the rest of Europe.

Full and multifaceted Viking peoples

History has recorded many heroic feats, depicting many Vikings who have gone into legend. Everyone praised the mettle, courage, and great fighting ability of the Viking leaders. But Vikingard mentioned another aspect:

Viking leader in addition to good fighting, extraordinary tactical mind, also shouldered the economic burden, and had to take care of the people’s lives. We forget that this is the core that made this tribe’s civilization famous before witnessing the mighty sweeps.

Many other small aspects of culture, beliefs, traditions are also had in Vikingard such as the practice of worshiping ancestors, the great gods in Viking culture, their farming skills. Even on the most inhospitable land, they still have a way to feed themselves and provide food for even the warrior rushing into battle.

Not only stopping at tactics, construction, and turn-based combat, Vikingard is also more ambitious. Players can participate in interactions like in a real society when giving their character to make friends, accompany and date with each other or with members of other tribes. This is the part that brings a lot of excitement to players with only a topic that is not too new.


Not only has the gameplay deep and different from many other Viking games, but Vikingard also leaves a strong impression on players thanks to the way to build a delicate character system. Each Viking hero here is fully portrayed with different personalities and skills.

They will be an important factor contributing to the prosperity and development of the whole land. Having these talented generals, you can flaunt your prestige and strength easily. Furthermore Shadow Fight 4 Mod Apk v1.2.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Ads free)

The warriors, however, are all similar in appearance, strong in physique, and exuding a mighty aura. But they all have true Viking spirits: fighting to the end.

Take a look at the main general’s to see how much the developer has invested in the cast of characters:

  • Shelby Young: real name is Hildr, the only daughter of a noble in the Fharun House, She was raised almost on the battlefield, has a stubborn personality, and is very good at fighting. Even the best warriors of her age were defeated by her.
  • Jeff Schine: commonly known as Brandr. This is the young leader of the Uppsala Clan. The guy has an active mind and loves adventure. Anyone near Brandr felt his intense vitality and burning energy.
  • Brandr was impressed by people who were brave and always attracted to the outside world.
  • Misty Lee: aka Alfrun. When Alfrun came to House Fharun, no one knew where she came from. She calls herself a seer and lives near the sacred tree. This strange girl only makes predictions once a day.
  • And the scary thing is that all of her predictions are prophetic with surprisingly high accuracy.
  • Todd Haberkorn: named Kusi, born into the family of Snake Eyes on the Faroe Islands, his father died by the sword of his father Alvarrs, who belonged to the Thorns. These two families have been sworn enemies for generations.
  • David Lodge: Hermund is a strong man. He inherited his father’s territory and army. This is a military genius, especially when it comes to dispatching troops. Hermund’s strongest skill is the distribution of resources with strict rules to reduce casualties and minimize the loss of supplies.

Graphics and sound

Although it is a strategy game, the visuals in Vikingard are very well taken care of. The context is very realistic with depth, and viewing angles are constantly changing.

Sometimes it is a map with clearly dotted areas, sometimes a close-up third-person perspective to describe the fierce herons of the fight. The Nordic landscape appears in the game very magnificent, wild, and full of challenges.

Another big plus in the image of Vikingard is the shaping of generals. Each has its own features, designed in detail to each facial expression, decorative details on costumes and weapons. All exude the arrogance, arrogance, and indomitableness of a Viking general.

The sound as far as I see it is not very impressive. But in general, for a mainline strategy game, it’s still very fine. Adding more can get messy. Background music is soft to help players to focus on their own strategies.

Download Vikingard MOD APK for Android

When playing Vikingard, you will see a completely different Viking people, a full-fledged, caring and diligent Viking leader, warriors each with their own appearance also contribute to creating a multi-dimensional picture.

Let’s play the game and experience Viking history differently. Moreover Frontline Commando: D-Day Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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