War of Rafts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v0.28.45

War of Rafts MOD APK is an i.o. genuine game combining stickman elements. In the game, you participate in thrilling battles on the high seas which are only for people with macro vision and observation. you can also download Dan the Man MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.10.46

Your mission in the game is quite strange and surprisingly simple

War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle opens with an eye-catching spectacle simulating the endless stretch of the blue sea. The player will be on a small white square, let’s call it a ship. We will travel across the blue ocean, look for pieces to expand the ship’s scale, and collect the stickman army. All is to prepare for the coming great war with the enemies who are also present on this ocean.

In the game, you can choose the color for your ship. If playing in single mode, automatically the floating puzzle pieces will change to the corresponding color so that when they enter your ship, they form a unified block. If you play in multiplayer mode, the task will be a bit more difficult because you need to find your correct color array to match the boat.

MOD APK version of War of Rafts

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

But this game requires ingenuity, sophistication, and a high strategic vision

Ship stitching, also known as “raft upgrading”, is one of the strange attractions of this game. You just need to touch the ship, drag it to the desired destination and release your hand when the current ship and the raft have already touched each other, and the ship will automatically be paired with the raft, no need to do anything more.

The ingenuity lies in choosing the angle to pair the rafters. This is too easy when the ship is only 1-2 squares at first, you can assemble it anywhere you want. But imagine that if you have a big, long striped ship, the only movement is hard, then choosing which angle to add the raft is much more difficult.

Priority over some of the empty rafts floating around, some special rafts (as a few squares with more bubbles … on top) with stickman soldiers need to be collected first. Because once you pick up the raft and assemble it to the ship, the soldier will immediately get on the ship and join your soldiers. The more soldiers, the higher the chances of survival and victory in future battles with the enemy.

Just like the word “Crazy” in the game’s name, it’s crazy in a very cute and pleasant way. Although the game is a fighting game, every detail, progression, and action of the parties are extremely gentle, romantic, and peaceful. Sometimes it even feels a bit lulled.

But that’s only what happened in the first few scenes.

In the latter scenes, I can only warn in advance that “you will run away”. When you’re out of daydreaming, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of tasks: assembling a raft then rushing over to save a soldier, and quickly grabbing the treasure unless it drifts away… And the enemies appear right after when you could not have just a little break.

And the later, the denser the mission, the faster the enemy moves and has weapons. You may miss the initial disengagement you have at the beginning so much.

Perks of players in the game

War of Rafts also gives players some rare luxury perks such as defensive towers and offensive weapons or surrounding battleships. Depending on your luck, it comes more or less. When you see these super special rafts drifting by, no matter what you are busy doing, just drop by to welcome it into the ship. Those will be extremely helpful.

And a fighting game in any form will always have treasures along the way. In addition to the combat privileges above, the more treasure you have, the more gold and coins you can collect to unlock many unique, much stronger warships than the basic one.

The game also has a Multiplayer mode

The game is especially exciting many times more when played in multiplayer mode. We may compete with other online players in the world. You should show your ingenuity in moving your ships, connecting rafts, and collecting stickmen. Furthermore Stick Cricket Live MOD APK v1.6.1 (Everything Unlocked)

The culmination, of course, will be the gentle but extremely dramatic battles with the other players. Your wins will give you the credit and rewards you deserve. Moreover, it can put your name on the game’s prestigious leaderboard.

Graphics and sound

The game uses 2D graphics in the true sense of traditional 2D. Not making anything more complicated, or 2D mixed 3D at all, War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle just follows its simple way. The big and small details in the game are just patches of color, but very elaborate to become smooth, delicate, and pleasant.

Ships, rafts, items, treasures are all represented as square blocks of different colors and borders. Stickman soldiers are exactly like “sticks”, that is, they are like a small red streak with no face, no complicated clothes. All soldiers in the game appear as tiny specks when viewed from above. This fits perfectly with the game’s motto “the fewer the better”.

Ah, more. This game chooses a top-down perspective, making it easy for you to observe the entire process and control your soldiers in the fastest and neatest way. The feeling of witnessing the expansion of your warship power and having hundreds of tiny soldiers running all over the ship is so happy and proud, sometimes more than winning a single battleship of the enemy.

The music in the game is quite a little, almost quiet. The effect is not too much, except for when you win important boss battles, which may let the players fully concentrate on the assigned tasks.

Importantly, you can play anywhere, without fear of being disturbed.

Download War of Rafts MOD APK for Android

In short, War of Rafts MOD APK is a unique i.o stickman game that is both competitive and highly relaxing. I am pretty sure that you must try a strange game like this once in your life! Moreover Galaxy Invaders MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.9.10

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