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Introduce about WarpathMOD APK

Not long ago, developer Wonder Games announced that they will give to gamers a WWII-themed RTS game masterpiece. At the beginning of this November, Warpath was officially released for both iOS and Android platforms. Three days have passed and Warpath has reached 500,000 installs. This proves that the game has a strong appeal.

Download and join Warpath, you are given the opportunity to become a talented commander in World War 2. Free the world from dictatorship and chaos!

The background of Warpath

The Warpath begins with a ruined scene on the battlefield. Stinking odors rose from the lying corpses. Meanwhile, the dictator’s army is still active, performing the process of training and brainwashing. The dictatorship instilled thought to the soldiers that only the strong were worthy of survival. They will have to fight to remove the weak from the world. Many soldiers who were once loyal warriors are also subject to these harsh laws. They decide to stand up and fight the dictators.

Build your own army and tactics

It’s been a while since I introduced an RTS game. And fortunately, Warpath meets all the criteria of a typical and standard RTS game.

Warpath’s gameplay is built quite in detail. Here, you can build barracks, develop technology to craft weapons, develop troops and select units for each war.

The armies in the game are very diverse. You can get infantry, artillery, air force, tanks, tank destroyers, missiles,… The army that you bring to the battlefield will be assembled from these available components. They have distinct characteristics, giving your advantage over the enemy. You should learn this, learn about the enemy’s war tactics to set the best strategy. Load ammunition, arrange corresponding military units to be ready to go to war on the global battlefield.

Customize units on the battlefield

Warpath has more than 100 types of units you can choose from. Some of the popular ones I mentioned earlier, other special units require you to do quests or accomplish achievements in order to unlock them.

Overall, Warpath is a pure RTS game, so its gameplay is dominated by tactical elements. However, tactics are not the only factor affecting the outcome of each battle. Strength is also important. Warpath offers extensive customizability that allows you to assemble, disassemble, modify, and upgrade weapons. As a result, your firepower will have more powerful destruction on the battlefield. Of course, units can also grow after each war. These processes usually consume quite a lot of resources and money, but soon you will have more resources as you win.

Alliance or enemy?

Besides the classic campaign mode, you can refresh the gameplay and join the big battlefield when you join the real community of players. Here, you have two options. First, become an ally of another army to attack the enemy together, capture the base and expand the territory. I quite like this aspect, because everyone can work together to create a bigger, more fierce battle.

Second, combat with other real players. This activity is very loved by commanders love wars and fighting. This both helps players to practice tactics and test their own skills. Plan to attack your target, in order to steal the most valuable resources of the enemy and earn accumulation points, helping you increase your ranking on the global leaderboard.

Lots of content to explore

Besides the gameplay, the content of Warpath is also a remarkable thing. The game has built new battles based on real events but under a new and more realistic perspective. It may not be close to reality, but at least it portrays the severity of the war that has unfolded in history. And most of all, in this story you are the main character, a talented commander whose mission is to eliminate the dark side and regain peace to the world.

Finally, Warpath is divided into chapters. Each chapter will develop in a different direction. You can see the overall content before you start exploring the chapter. At the same time, you can also observe more dialogues between the chief commanders in the army during the combat journey.

Download Warpath APK for Android

Commanders, strategize and get ready for the decisive battle on the Normandy Coast. Tanks, fighters and a variety of heavy weapons are targeting to your army. What will you do to reduce casualties and turn things around? Join Warpath and search for answers now!

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