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Introduce about WhispersMOD APK

Would you like to write your own novels?

About the base of novel-based interactive simulation games

Novels are works that tell fictional stories of various genres. In which, each character has its own personality, each dialogue has meaning and affects the life of the individuals, thereby forming the overall plot of the entire novel. And of course, it cannot be lacking the outlook on life, climax, conflict, secret, surprise, and knots cleverly removed, which creates an attraction for the whole series.

Unfortunately, each novel can only have one end. Each character can only have one life that is decided by the author. What if you are not the one who wrote it, but you still want to interfere in the structure of the story and choose your own ending? Everything must be interesting and exciting.

Based on that demand, a series of interactive simulation games based on great novels were born. It has super easy gameplay where you just need to read the options and make your decision, then continue to follow the story then make a decision in another important situation. Just like that, you just read, decide and express your personality, bravery, and point of view and then see in the end, with that choice, where your character’s life will go.

Where does the game’s attraction come from?

Unlike the usual game genre, the fun of an interactive simulation game is not in the visual effects, sound, nor in the competitiveness, scores, or goals, but in the fact that the players can put themselves in the position of the character and behave according to their thoughts and instincts. The more honest you are with yourself in each choice, the more likely the ending of the story will reflect your personality.

Most importantly, the contemplations after the game ends will be a great lesson for you. When we recognize ourselves through the character we incarnate, we understand how we need to change our thinking, how to behave in a similar situation in the future. This process of self-reflection is also a profound, interesting part that few other games can do.

Whispers, the brightest representative of the fascinating interactive game series

This game is a collection of the top novels, in many genres, from romantic love to drama, from fantasy, thriller to horror or realistic novels. Going into each story, you can choose your character as a boy or a girl. And in Whispers’ novel garden, mini-games are updated every month, in which you can play as a lot of characters: Cinderella, a man in love, or the ghost of a princess…

Each character has their own story. There are a series of situations where decisions must be made, and the one who decides all of them is none other than you. The fate set and the voice of your heart will lead you to different paths. In a chapter about Romance, you will choose to fall in love with a handsome guy or a big, muscular guy who always gives you a sense of security and protection.

Going to the Drama chapter, you will choose to uncover the hidden truth or accept to become a person who hides a terrible secret to inherit a huge legacy. In the Love chapter, you will choose to explore a mysterious fairyland or become a princess who has passed away. From the moment you choose the chapter, it can be said that you have started to write a new emotional page for your life.

Great optionality on an interactive simulation platform

Each story has a rhythm, plot, climax, logic, and hundreds of different situations. Stepping into it, you can customize your character, from costumes to hair, and facial features, until you like it best. And then you will accompany this character in all subsequent events. Rest assured that no matter who you play, the rest of the characters in the story are equally talented and beautiful. Is it enough for you to have a lot of excitement?

For example, in the chapter “Dance to the top”, the story is about a famous dance competition in which you are participating. This is also the most anticipated reality show of the year. You decide to participate because there is someone you like and a big idol who will later be your coach. The love triangle opens up a series of ups and downs in the story. You can play as a girl or a guy and customize yourself with impressive dance costumes and prepare to enter the emotional matrix ahead.

One more example, in the novel chapter called Witness, your life will be turned upside down after reluctantly becoming a witness to a murder. You’ll constantly be dealing with situations to survive amidst the dangerous swarms around you. Moreover, a series of relationships become questionable. In this part, you will have the opportunity to experience the game’s attractive Witness Protection feature, and constantly have a heart attack with sensational situations, surprises, and unexpected secrets.

MOD APK version of Whispers

MOD features

  • Unlocked All Chapters
  • Unlocked Premium Stuff

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Well, if you are a fan of novels regardless of genre and want to write your ending and follow stories filled with emotions or drama, you must play Whispers. You may sometimes forget the long and wide day ahead when playing it!

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