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Wood block puzzle games meet a sudoku grid!

Wood block puzzle, the game that everyone must be fascinated

Have any of you been addicted to playing Tetris on handheld game consoles in the past? I used to spend time every day sometimes for nearly a dozen hours sitting carefully clicking and stacking these blocks. It was attractive back then for several reasons: the consoles were new at the time, so it was cool to do anything on them. In addition, this game is easy to start but more challenging later on, it shows the mind and talent of the player. And there are also many other things combined into one that makes it almost impossible to take your hands off the consoles.

Of course, that was many years ago. Now, kids no longer play this game. Even I forgot that there was a time like that. Technology changes so quickly, the game has now progressed to many other levels, monumental, diverse, beautiful, and too many options. In that matrix, one day, I discovered this mobile game: Woodoku. It’s quite similar to Tetris but similar to the wooden block sudoku style. That game has brought me back so many memories.

When I have free time, I often play it. Then I suddenly remember why I was addicted to this game before. It has its own depth and interest that only those who are truly immersed in the world of shapes and relaxing shapes can understand.

For those of you who have the same interests or want to reminisce a bit about the old days, today I will tell you about some experiences with Woodoku.


Woodoku’s gameplay is a bit different than Tetris’s. The rule is that you will place the blocks in a 9×9 tabletop. There are already several other fixed color squares on the table. At the beginning of the game, under the wooden table will appear one or a series of different shapes (each consisting of many squares combined, arranged in any order). Your task is to drag these blocks onto the wooden table, put them in the most reasonable position, so that they, together with the colored squares available on the table from the beginning, form a square wooden block with no gaps. At this point, this newly created wooden block will disappear, erased on the table. Continue like this until you pass the screen.

Initially, both the number of squares available on the table, and the shapes appearing under the table, are small, and quite simple. Looking at it, you can already imagine how to make them fit together. But later on, the challenge increases in difficulty. On the wooden table, there are now many blocks scattered everywhere. As for the blocks that appear below, they are diverse, sometimes it is difficult to imagine what they will form, not to mention the time is always limited to a certain level.

There are three situations:

  • If within the time limit, you don’t score enough points: you lose.
  • If there is still time, but the wooden block due to improper arrangement is flooded with scattered wooden blocks, neither of which can be combined: you also lose.
  • Only when clearing as many wooden blocks as specified and still within the time allowed, you can pass to the next level.

According to this game rule, the player operation is simply touch-drag-drop on the screen: drag the blocks below and place them where you want to place them on the 9×9 wooden board. When the hi2h blocks are filled and form a complete block, they will automatically disappear from the wooden board, we don’t need to do anything more but just focus on continuing the process of repeating the above operation until you pass the level.

The scoring in Woodoku is as follows: delete multiple rows and areas or squares at the same time, you will get many Combination Points. When you clear multiple blocks in one turn, you will gain Streak Points. The more points, the more excitement increases and the level of challenge escalates accordingly. Although the score is not redeemable for any items like in many other mobile games, the enjoyment of playing Woodoku comes from the feeling of surpassing yourself. Every time I pass the scene, I breathe a sigh of relief, thinking “Who is so smart”. Honestly, who plays this game without having moments of complacency like that.

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Woodoku is a wooden block sudoku puzzle game that is very gentle, relaxing. Those who used to love Tetris must now try Woodoku.

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