Words of Wonders MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v3.7.0

If you like to challenge the world of words, let’s try this word puzzle game Words of Wonders MOD APK.

Learning while traveling around the world is so much fun.Improve your vocabulary and discover the world at the same time

Benefit from playing crosswords

Playing crosswords is not simply a connection of meaningful words according to logic. Your brain after that can exercise and maintain useful activities. People who regularly play crosswords and immerse themselves in the world of thinking will inadvertently affect all distinct parts of the brain leading to cognitive skills of logic, language, reasoning, and many other aspects.

According to a crossword addict, every time he started a crossword, it felt like he was on a hunting trip.

Each box was a hidden mystery, sometimes even contained a thrilling story or an ancient legend that he had not known before. Solving a crossword, in addition to the feeling of success, was also accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Because of that advice, i tried to find a crossword puzzle to play on mobile. Due to my few skills and my half-hearted determination into this new genre, i failed quite a lot. But in the rare times of success, I found it exactly like what he said. This is the real definition of happiness.

This game also reduces stress. Recall the day I tried this game. After a long night of doing homework, i found out a few basic crossword puzzles and realized it was quite relaxed. That’s why I always play this game whenever I encounter a situation like that.

It’s also said that playing crossword puzzles will prevent cognitive decline, train memory, and improve brain functions. Hence, I will recommend this wonderful game to you.

What’s in Words of Wonders?

Entering Words of Wonders, players must solve seventy different English crosswords. They are not just colored squares with boring letters like when you play on paper. In this game, in addition to solving crosswords, improving vocabulary, practicing spelling skills, you can also travel to the mysteries located in the 7 wonders and major cities of the world.

To begin with, we will have a letter as a hint. Then you must find a meaningful word so that the words in the rows are seamless with the length corresponding to the number of cells in each level. It’s an entire process.

Players will have to use all the abilities of their brain to think, go deeply in their memory and subconscious mind. If there are any words that can follow the suggestion, write it down, try again and again until it’s right. Sometimes the answer is quite easy, but sometimes it is very difficult to find. At this point, you must continue to rely on the next suggestions of the game to make new judgments.

Words of Wonders also divides the crossword challenge into various levels to suit the player. At first, you only do a few small boards. Then the levels will be more difficult, the crosswords will be longer, and the connectivity and compatibility will also shrink.

At this time, the game will be a combination of testing extensive vocabulary, memory and even knowledge.

MOD APK version of Words of Wonders

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Many game modes and exciting adventures are waiting

Once you’re rather good at it, you can take it to the next level. Take part in special crossword puzzles. Here, we will be combined with traveling around the world, admiring the famous seven wonders and applying our knowledge to solve crosswords related to the secrets of these lands. Study and review all the unique facts about places on Earth. That feeling is awesome, guys!

When you complete a crossword related to a city or wonder, you will be opened a path to go to another city / wonder. There is an interesting new crossword waiting right here.

If you find it boring to play with the machine’s AI, you can invite friends to play together. A team will be up to 4 people to find all the new words and work together to solve the puzzle.

Or in another mode, you can also compete with friends to see who can complete the crossword quickly and correctly.

Download Words of Wonders MOD APK for Android

Those who want to practice their English vocabulary and memory are welcome. Words of Wonders is waiting for you.

Beautiful colors, cute sounds, integrating many cool trivial things in each crossword screen will promise to bring you an interesting world. Playing with your family is even more exciting.

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