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Introduce about World FlipperMOD APK

Cygames is a game development studio for Android, iOS, Browsers, Console platforms. Cygames was founded in 2011 by CyberAngent, a parent company run by Susumu Fujita. And e-commerce company DeNA owned a 24% stake in 2012. In addition, it produced many anime series and received many compliments. Can mention as Grand Blue Fantasy Animation, Shingeki no Bahamut, Zombie Land Saga, Mysteria Friends.


World Flipper has an extremely complex storyline. It is not only about a single character but the story is made up of many characters. The background is set in many different worlds, where there are many mysterious events. And you and the other characters will discover those mysteries. Behind each character, there are also many mysteries coming from their world. You will help them discover and defeat enemies from other worlds. Your group consists of 3 members. You can recruit more members to form a team to destroy the ferocious monsters that threaten human life.

New gameplay

The word Pinball may be no stranger to you. It has been attached to the childhoods of so many people. Not only Pinball but also Minesweeper, Solitaire, Spider are the legendary game preloaded in Windows versions of Microsoft.

And now, Cygames has inspired and used Pinball in their latest game. In particular, we will not use the ball to shoot at monsters anymore. The characters are balls, you will push them up to fight the enemies. The gameplay is very new and unique. Therefore, to explore more closely, you should try World Flipper and share your feeling by leave comments below this article.

The map is changed in stages

World Flipper stands out thanks to its new gameplay and variety of terrain. The terrain will change with each level, requiring you to have accurate aiming skills. In difficult levels, the terrain has many obstacles to protect monsters from the warriors finding them. Besides, the monsters are also stronger, you will probably need an excellent character upgrade system of this game.

Character system

The developer really cares about the player. They fix the percentage of opening 5-star characters at 5%, 4 stars at 25%. This is really an incredible ratio when strong characters can unlock so simple. And especially, World Flipper has a lot of characters but does not overlap like the popular anime game . Moreover, the game also has a combination system, so you can combine the power of many characters and when released will create huge damage.

In addition, the game also has support characters for the characters in the main squad. Each support character will provide different effects, so you can build your own tactics. Equipment, Rune system is what helps you upgrade your characters.


World Flipper’s graphics are extremely well designed. The game is a smooth combination of pixel graphics and 2D graphics. In Home, the 2D characters are designed extremely beautifully but in battle, they are designed by pixel graphics. This is also something new that Cygames has aimed to give players a new experience.

Some disadvantages

Currently, World Flipper does not support English but only Japanese. This is a big obstacle for people who don’t know Japanese but want to dig deep into the plot and features of the game. The next thing, the characters are not fully voiced. In the new updates, it is hoped that the developer will release the English version as well as perfect the features and voice for the characters.

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World Flipper is really an interesting RPG action game. Not only the plot but also the gameplay and graphics are developed not like any other game. The game takes you to an adventure beyond space and time. Explore the worlds of the characters and help them fight, protect their world.

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