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About World of Tanks BlitzMOD APK

This game was first appeared in 2012 (PC version), at the World Cyber Game esports event. After that, the versions for Xbox, Android and iOS were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively. If you ask me about the most popular tank shooting game on Google Play, the answer is definitely World of Tanks Blitz.


War is really hell on earth, but it is also very competitive in tank battles online. In World of Tanks Blitz, players will be present in giant metal war machines, fighting against each other in 7v7 battles. The tanks come from all different countries. Although your initial arsenal is weak, you can use the money and experience points from the matches to upgrade.

The control system in the game is very easy to grasp with one joystick on the screen to move and another to aim, in addition to buttons to zoom and shoot bullets. To win a round, you must destroy the entire enemy team or capture the base in the middle of the map. You must have experience and skillful control because each type of tank will have different operating and weak points. Skilled players will learn how to get in and out of the cover and move around the opponent in a logical way by making the most of the tank’s features.

Types of tanks

When playing World of Tanks Blitz, you will experience the famous tanks in World War 2. They are real tanks in history. Currently, the game has more than 350 tanks from countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. At the beginning of the game, you are allowed to choose any light tank. You learn how to operate a tank, how to attack, and some information about tanks. You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type of tank to find the tactics, attacks and terrain suits that tank.

Here is the information about some types of tanks:

  • Light tank: This type of tank is highly maneuverable and moves quickly on the battlefield. This tank sacrifices protective armor to increase speed, but firepower is reduced and easily destroyed. Therefore, the role of light tanks on the battlefield is primarily to scout and distract the enemy.
  • Medium tanks: The tanks have all the advantages and disadvantages of light tanks and heavy tanks. Compared to light tanks, this tank is slower but has more firepower, and its armor can protect the tank from some types of shells. Compared to heavy tanks, it was faster but had lower firepower and armor. Because the medium tank is full of capabilities, its role is changed depending on the terrain and the course of the battle. Medium tanks can take on the roles of other tanks when they are destroyed.
  • Heavy tanks: This is the most difficult to use tanks in this game. It takes quite a long time to unlock a heavy tank. As one of the most prominent war machines of World War II, heavy tanks had overwhelming advantages in attack power and armor with very high stamina. When in straight terrain and forcing the opponent to face off directly, heavy tanks exert all its advantages. However, that does not mean that it is invincible. Speed is a critical weakness of this tank. When using heavy tanks, you need to learn how to move properly because you are easily surrounded by opponents.
  • Tank destroyers: The counter of heavy tanks. It has very strong attack power and is capable of destroying heavy tank’s armor easily.
  • Self-propelled guns: A small cannon capable of a long-range attack and provides firepower to all other members. When in positions where tanks cannot attack, small artillery can unleash its capabilities. However, SPG needs its teammates to locate enemies and need protection by tanks.

After unlocking the tank, you can upgrade your tanks to make it more powerful.

PvP mode

When playing World of Tanks Blitz, you will participate in the fiery arenas of 7v7 battles. You and 13 other online players are randomly matched into one battle. Then, you and your teammates find a way to survive and defeat the entire opponent. In online matches, tactics and the ability to communicate with teammates are important factors that directly affect the outcome of the battle. You need to control the tank skillfully and choose the right tank to defeat the opponent’s tanks.

You will receive money and equipment every time you win a battle. In addition, winning helps you improve your rankings on the global rankings.


Nothing to complain about the graphics of World of Tanks Blitz. It can be said that this is the most realistic tank game for mobile devices. The physics of tanks, bullet effects, smoke and dust, are all very perfect. That makes you feel like you are participating in a real battlefield, not just a mobile game.

Download World of Tanks Blitz APK for Android

Many players love World of Tanks Blitz for a reason only. If you want to know what that is, let rush into the battlefield and you will know why right away. Download the game now via the link below the article and participate in the most intense tank battles on mobile.

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