Yoga Workout MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v1.30

Does not require health, the competition is fierce like other sports, Yoga is a sport that is slow, gentle and deep. It helps people relax, train the body’s endurance, and also improves concentration. For those who regularly work in the office, sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 to 10 hours a day, yoga is an effective method to help you protect your health and relax if you do not want to have bone and cardiovascular problems.Want to learn yoga at home, but don’t know where to start?

Yoga Workout is ready to bring you the best yoga exercises, taught by leading experts in the world. With accurate 3D videos and tutorials, you can practice at home with a “virtual” personal trainer but still be effective. No need for equipment or large sums of money for the gym, you just need a yoga mat with enough space to qualify for yoga at home.

How to use Yoga Workout?

It’s very simple. A list of exercises is displayed on the screen for you. You can choose from exercises for beginners, exercises Core, Dynamic, Gentle, … depending on your training process. First, the application displays the theoretical part of the exercise. You should read to understand it before clicking “Start”. Because yoga is not for people in a hurry, you need to deeply understand each movement, every breath, so as not to miss something important.

When ready, tap the Start button to start your exercise. At this point, the app guides you through the voice of a female coach, eliminating the need to look at the screen to stay focused. Just 30 exercises each morning, you will have good health and abundant energy for each new day.

Best Yoga app for beginners

No need for expensive equipment, no time to go to the gym, just a personal trainer like Yoga Workout, you can practice yoga at home. With a huge amount of knowledge about yoga, introduced and instructed by top experts, you will have easy access to this subject and become proficient soon. The application offers very simply and easy-to-understand comments and instructions, helping you to quickly master the exercises.

In addition, the application helps you track BMI, weight, daily calorie consumption. Yoga Workout also syncs data with Googe Fit, allowing you to control your exercise regimen and easily check your performance after a period of practice.

Relaxing music helps you meditate

During each exercise, Yoga Workout plays music with calming melodies, helping you to feel relaxed and meditate easily. Practicing yoga with Buddhist music will help you reduce stress, fatigue and relax your brain.

MOD APK version of Yoga Workout

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: You are unlocked all Premium features. Just download the APK file of this app on APKMODY and use it completely free.

Benefits of Premium version

When using Yoga Workout Premium, you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlock the full content of the app, including all yoga exercises
  • No advertising
  • Unlock all premium features
  • Allows to customize your fitness schedule
  • Unlock privileges exclusive to Premium users

Download Yoga Workout MOD APK for Android

Yoga Workout – Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga is the best yoga app for beginners. Everything you need to look for about yoga is in this amazing app. While the Covid-19 virus is developing very complicatedly, you should protect your health by practicing yoga at home. Download the MOD APK version below to use Premium features for free.

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