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A safer online video viewing experience for kids with Youtube Kids!

Many parents are very afraid to let their children watch It is currently the largest video social network in the world. All necessary information, knowledge, entertainment, and learning for children are available here.

But besides that, there is a lot of inappropriate videos on YouTube that you, even if you spend time listening, even watching and studying with your child, still cannot get rid of it all. As a child, sometimes just hearing it once is enough to remember it forever, watching it once is enough to mislead thinking, leading to many unnecessary consequences.

If there was a way for kids to still watch the things they love on YouTube, and at the same time be protected in a safe circle with all their age-appropriate content. As for other things, which are not healthy, children can’t access them even if they want to, or the contents themselves have no way of getting close to them. If you are a parent, sharing the above concerns, you can think about using YouTube Kids.

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids was created to give children everywhere a closed environment, with only family-friendly, age-appropriate video content but still ensure enough necessary content to benefit the process of learning, creating, accumulating knowledge, and creating joyful optimistic energy.

Watching safer videos online for kids

The YouTube Kids development team has worked hard to continuously update the filters automatically and manually from engineers and researchers, based on user community reviews and feedback. Through the creation of these smart filters, every video on YouTube, before reaching your child will be very safe and avoid harmful content.

Of course, no system is perfect. The strongest filter barrier still has some errors. From the developer side, the team has constantly improved strong protection measures, periodically updated throughout, with great commitment to users. As for parents, you also need to monitor your child while using the device, even if YouTube Kids has been installed to limit bad content.

Customize your child’s video viewing experience your way

Many optional permissions can be changed, assigning new values ​​to be flexible Parental control with watching YouTube videos of your kids in the house.

You can also set Device Time Limit. You should have a specific number that limits the total amount of time you watch for the day or breaks it down by session. Having clear boundaries will help children pay attention when watching videos and encourage them to focus on videos that help, for the time allowed. The fairness from watching the video will make your child understand that you take this matter seriously.

Parents can also review their child’s access history. With this feature enabled, you will be able to check which websites your child has visited. From there, better understand the children’s interests, interests and aspirations as well as once again control inappropriate content.

When you feel that a website seems unstable, there are many potential risks, you can also directly Block a video or an entire YouTube channel so that your child never sees that video again.

Or you can flag a video to alert YouTube that it’s not suitable for children. Flagged videos will be reviewed and when there is enough evidence will be banned by YouTube itself.

Create up to 8 profiles with age-specific preferences and settings

When using YouTube Kids, you can create up to 8 profiles. Each profile, depending on the age declared from the beginning, will be selected to watch, recommend videos, and a series of individual settings from the respective parent.

In this profile creation feature, you can review the following items in detail:

  • “Approved Content Only” mode: when you need to manually select the videos, channels, and links that you find good for your child. In this mode, children will not be able to search for videos, but will only be viewed in what you have previously selected.
  • “Preschool” Mode is designed for children aged 4 and under. Video screening criteria for this age group are videos that encourage creativity, play, learning, and discovery.
  • “Younger” Mode for 5-8-year-olds will watch videos that help discover personal interests in genres of songs, cartoons, and crafts.
  • “Older” Mode for children 9 years old and up. At this stage, children will have the right to search and explore a variety of content according to their needs (such as music, video games) but there will be no negative videos, beyond the allowed age.

In general, videos that have been screened through the YouTube Kids system include only family-friendly videos, topics and formats may vary. But they are all used to stimulate the child’s creativity and playful spirit.

Download YouTube Kids MOD APK for Android

In short, with YouTube Kids, you can have 80-90% peace of mind when setting up child-friendly viewing modes in your home. But, as a parent, you also need to always keep a close eye on the daily video content your children watch, not all of them should be assigned to YouTube Kids filters.

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